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International Arbitration

International arbitration is fast becoming the preferred method of resolving cross-border disputes of all types. Over the last decade, the number of international arbitration proceedings has grown dramatically -- and so too has the complexity and value of those disputes, which often require increasingly sophisticated economic analysis and advice.

NERA’s international arbitration experts are recognized leaders in providing the level of economic support required in today’s arbitration cases. Drawing on decades of extensive litigation experience, combined with deep expertise in regulated and competitive markets, our economists have helped law firms and companies navigate a wide range of disputes in various arbitration venues.

We have a reputation for objectivity and independent economic and financial analyses and expert reports. Our team of experts has conducted numerous damage and compensation analyses using sophisticated financial modeling techniques; interpreted regulatory decisions; valued contractual rights; and determined the expropriatory impact of government decisions on specific investments. NERA experts have testified in arbitration proceedings under all of the major institutional and procedural rules, including:

We also have substantial industry-based and regional institutional experience, including: