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NERA is a leading global advisor to government agencies and private-sector companies on the design and implementation of auctions and bidding processes for procurement. We also advise bidders on bid strategy for high stakes auctions and on responses to government consultations on award processes. Our consultants have design and strategy experience with all types of auction formats, including sealed bids, simultaneous multiple round auctions, ascending and descending clock auctions, and combinatorial bidding. Our advice is grounded in a thorough understanding of the academic literature on game theory, and practical experience with all aspects of auction implementation and bidding.

Our auction advisory work spans many industry sectors. NERA pioneered the use of auctions to procure energy for retail customers from existing market resources. We administer solicitations that encourage the development of solar energy. In radio spectrum, our consultants work around the world to implement awards of frequency licenses for mobile telephony, wireless broadband, and other communication services. We are also experts in adapting auction formats to other products and uses, such as airport slots, financial instruments, procurement and trading platforms, and universal service subsidies.

NERA provides auction advice in three primary areas: