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The Middle Kingdom on Center Stage

China—with the second largest economy and fastest growing economy in the G20—is at the nexus of fast-evolving market issues in antitrust, intellectual property, and transfer pricing. With myriad regulatory conventions and legal frameworks going into effect, companies and governments need guidance on how to conduct business in China on all fronts.

With offices in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as an established presence throughout the Asia-Pacific region in locations in Tokyo, Australia, and New Zealand, NERA’s team of China experts encompasses a wide range of skills and expertise, focusing primarily on international transfer pricing, the economics of intellectual property, and issues of antitrust and competition policy. Our Chinese staff is well positioned to assist clients—companies, government agencies, and law firms, both Asia-based and multinational—in navigating the fast-evolving Chinese regulatory environment.

NERA’s China experts provide consulting services that solve a variety of economic issues related to government agencies and companies operating in the People's Republic of China as well as Japan. Our Beijing and Shanghai offices primarily focus on international transfer pricing, including valuations for transactional and customs purposes; antitrust and competition policy, including work around China’s new Antimonopoly Law; and the economics of intellectual property, including patent and trademark protection. Our strong network with NERA's other global offices provides an additional source of knowledge and expertise from leading specialists.