1. Statistical Estimation in a Matter Involving CBOT Class B Members and CME Class B Shareholders
  2. Ardagh Group SA Acquisition of Saint-Gobain Containers
  3. NERA's Analysis of Stock Exchange Orders and Undisplayed Liquidity
  4. NERA's Role in The Men's Wearhouse Acquisition of Jos. A. Bank
  5. The First Alberta Oil to the Texas Gulf Coast: NERA's Role in Energy Transfer Partners vs. Enterprise Products Partners and Enbridge Inc.
  6. State Street Bank and Trust
  7. Geyer Signal v. Minnesota Department of Transportation
  8. Italian Water Regulation
  9. NERA's Role in Litigation Involving Bans on Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines
  11. Carousel Fraud and Emissions Trading: Assistance in a dispute over VAT on emissions allowances
  12. NERA Economists' Role in NEB Docket RH-001-2013: TransCanada's Proposal to Change Tariff Terms and Conditions
  13. Estimating the shares of merchandise diverted from shipments to other countries
  14. Audits of retirement plans
  15. Various cases brought by insurance companies against medical providers
  16. Sloan Valve Company v. Zurn Industries Inc.
  17. American International Group Inc. et al. v. ACE INA Holdings Inc. et al
  18. Class Certification Denied in a HAMP Mortgage Litigation
  19. NERA's Role in Securities and Exchange Commission v. Cuban
  20. NERA's Role In the Matter of Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. and Ameristar Casinos, Inc.
  21. FINRA Dispute Resolution, VCG Special Opportunities Master Fund Ltd. f/k/a CDO Plus Master Fund Ltd. v. Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
  22. NERA Expert's Testimony before the Alberta Securities Commission Helps Former Executives of Grande Cache Coal Corporation Win Dismissal of Insider Trading Allegations: Stan, Re, 2013 ABASC 148
  23. NERA's Role in TransCanada Ltd.'s 2011–2012 Restructuring Case
  24. Essex Equity Holdings USA, LLC (f/k/a Maher Terminals Holdings Corp.), M. Brian Maher and Basil Maher v. Lehman Brothers Inc. and Individual Respondents
  25. NERA's Role in the Matter of MF Global UK Limited and in the Matter of the Investment Bank Special Administration Regulations 2011
  26. NERA's Role in the National Energy Board's Rejection of 'Rolled-In' Pricing for a Major Canadian Gas Pipeline Extension
  27. NERA Expert Testimony Assists in Verdict Reversal in NYSE Trading Matter
  28. Securities Lending Dispute
  29. Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Dispute
  30. Expert Report on Proposed Environmental Protection Agency Rules Limiting Use of Diesel Engines for Emergency Electric System Response
  31. NERA's Role in Weavering Macro Fixed Income Fund Limited (In Liquidation) and (1) Stefan Peterson (2) Hans Ekström
  32. NERA Assists Taxpayer in Successful Appeal of HMRC Claim of Carousel Fraud: JDI Trading Limited v. The Commissioners for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
  33. NERA's Role in the SEC's Case against ICP Asset Management
  34. Singapore Pre-feasibility Study on Nuclear Energy
  35. NERA Expert Provides Testimony on Behalf of Insurer in Successful Denial of D&O Coverage for Executives of Stanford Investment Bank -- One of the Largest Ever Ponzi Schemes
  36. Alberta Utilities Commission
  37. NERA's Role in Weavering Capital (UK) Ltd. and Anr v. Peterson and Ors
  38. Mutual Finds Investment Litigation – Janus Subtrack (Fund Derivative Plaintiffs v. Janus Capital Management LLC)
  39. NERA's Study on Proposed Regulation of Swap Dealers under the Dodd-Frank Act
  40. Structural Options for Royal Mail
  41. The Social Value of Post Offices
  42. Expert Testimony in Emissions Credits Breach of Contract Case
  43. Expert Testimony on Assessing Alleged Material Misrepresentations and Omissions in a Hostile Tender Offer

    Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. v. BHP Billiton LTD., et al.
  44. Tiffany (NJ) Inc. and Tiffany and Company v. eBay Inc.
  45. Tri-Star Pictures, Inc. v. Unger
  46. NERA's Role in the Approval of Medco's Acquisition by Express Scripts
  47. NERA Expert Provides Rebuttal Evidence in Frankel Oil Exploration Litigation
  48. NERA Expert's Role in Rosetta Stone Ltd. v. Google, Inc.
  49. American Electric Power
  50. Detroit Edison
  51. Solutia, Inc. vs. Decatur Energy Center, LLC
    Solutia, Inc. vs. Calpine Central, LP
  52. Dairyland Power Cooperative
  53. The Shaw Group, Inc., Stone & Webster, Inc., and Stone & Webster Michigan, Inc. vs. New Harquahala Generating Company, LLC
  54. Manila Airport BOT Arbitration
  55. The Indian Power Sector
  56. Peruvian Electricity Transmission Dispute
  57. NERA's Role in Insurance Arbitration over Fortune 100 Company Securities Class Action
  58. Submarine Cable Damages
  59. Zain
  60. Recovery of Copper Access Costs
  61. Accounting Separation in Telecoms
  62. European Mobile LRIC Modeling Advice
  63. UK Valuation Office Agency (HMRC)
  64. Mobile LRIC Modeling for a Middle Eastern Client
  65. Oman Fixed and Mobile LRIC Models
  66. European Mobile Damages Claim
  67. Danish Polish Telecommunication Group I/S v. Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.
  68. Telstra ULL Costs
  69. Independent Risk Review of a Privately Held Firm
  70. Efficient Use of Collateral in OTC Energy Hedging
  71. Advising the Senior Management of a Major Energy Merchant Company Under Chapter 11 Protection
  72. NERA Economists' Role in FTC v. Laboratory Corporation of America, et al.
  73. FERC NYISO Decision
  74. NERA's Role in In RE: W.R. Grace & Co., et al
  75. Analysis on Behalf of an International Commodity Dealer Under a CFTC Investigation
  76. Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment for a Major Japanese Transportation Equipment Manufacturer in China
  77. Corporate Charges of a European Group
  78. Evaluation of the Existence and Quantification of Chinese Location Specific Advantages
  79. Valuation of a Brand and Franchise License for the Chinese Subsidiary of a European Retail Leader
  80. Valuation of Intellectual Property and Services for a US-China Joint Venture
  81. Transfer Pricing Design for the New Business Model of a Major European Pharmaceutical Company in China
  82. Lipper Convertibles, L.P. Litigation
  83. Securities and Exchange Commission v. Jon-Paul Rorech and Renato Negrin
  84. HFTP Investment L.L.C., Gaia Offshore Master Fund, Ltd., and Caerus Fund Ltd. v. Grupo TMM, S.A.
  85. Competitive Effects of a Merger among Title Insurers
  86. NERA Expert Provides Market Efficiency and Materiality Analysis for Class Action against Gold Mine Company
  87. Long-Term Care Insurance
  88. Evaluating Loss Reserves Changes
  89. Fraudulent Conveyance/Valuation of a Repair Warranty Company
  90. Assessing the Value of an Emerging Insurer
  91. Valuing a Book of Life Insurance Contracts
  92. Assessing Changes in Variable Annuity Expected Payments Due to New Contract Features
  93. Assessing Suitability of Variable Annuity Contracts
  94. Allegations of Monopolization in a Distribution Market
  95. Risk Assessment of a Life Insurer: Investment Practices and Risk Management
  96. Effect of Contingent Commissions on P&C Prices
  97. Allegations of Auto Insurer Monopsony Power
  98. Evaluating the Differential Impact of Regulation
  99. Analyzing the Effectiveness of Asset Size to Indicate Systemic Risk
  100. NERA's Role in Federal Trade Commission v. Lundbeck, Inc.
  101. Services for Global Hedge Fund Manager
  102. Audit Defense and Documentation in China
  103. Tax Audit Defense of a Medical Products Company
  104. Global Manufacturer of Machinery
  105. Pricing of Surplus Notes in the Insurance Industry
  106. Real Estate Thin Capitalization
  107. Financial Sector Tax Litigation
  108. Audit of a European-Based Global Conglomerate
  109. Global Retailer Supply Chain Restructuring
  110. Hedge Fund Transfer Pricing Inquiry
  111. Medical Devices Company Business Restructuring
  112. Multinational Consumer Products Company
  113. Critique of Alleged Termination Damages for Large Retailer
  114. Investigation of Alleged Misclassification in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  115. Reviewing Auction Protocols for the Settlement of Credit Default Swaps
  116. Designing Wholesale Energy Price Risk Management Products
  117. Mary Kay, Inc. v. Amy L. Weber and Touch of Pink.com
  118. FTC v. Whole Foods
  119. American Airlines v. Google
  120. Alfuzosin Hydrochloride Patent Litigation
  121. Mattel, Inc. v. Walking Mountain Productions, et al.
  122. Major New York Hotel
  123. Brazil: Regulatory Assessment and Privatization, 1999-2000
  124. Energy Brands, Inc. -- United States Patent and Trademark Office, Trademark Examining Division
  125. James M. Nathenson, et al. v. Zonagen, Inc., et al.
  126. Trademark Survey: The Essence of a Cookie
  127. Government of India
  128. The Economics of Waste Least-Cost Planning, 2005
  129. Competitive Gas Retailing Strategy
  130. In the Matter of Guillaume Fonkenell
  131. Review of the Polish Electricity Market
  132. Review of the Six European Regulatory Regimes, from an Investor’s Point of View
  133. The Canary in the Coal Mine: NERA Experts Provide Damage Analysis in Support of Settlement of Class Action Involving a Subprime Mortgage Lender
  134. Multinational Financial Institution
  135. Weiss v. Mentor Graphics Corporation
  136. American Club
  137. The Bahamas Telecommunications Company
  138. Leased Space Price Insurance
  139. NERA Expert's Role in In Re Williams Securities Litigation
  140. E.ON-Ruhrgas Merger Submitted (German Monopolies Commission)
  141. Criminal Securities Fraud Case
  142. Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., et al. v. Apotex, Inc. et al.
  143. Applera Corporation -- Applied Biosystems, Inc. v. Illumina, Inc. et al.
  144. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Fish Protection Alternatives, Multiple Power Stations
  145. Sunbeam Products, Inc. v. Wing Shing Products (BVI) Ltd.
  146. The General Efficiency Assumption: Setting X in RPI-X
  147. Estimating Opex And Capex Efficiency
  148. Verizon Massachusetts
  149. Major National Utility
  150. Limiting Potential Regulatory Risk for a Merchant Energy Firm
  151. U.S. State and Local Governments
  152. Economic Impacts of French Chemical Regulation
  153. U.S.-Based Financial Savings & Loan
  154. Nuon/Reliant and Nuon v. NMa (Merger analysis)
  155. IDA
  156. NERA's Testimony before the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin on behalf of the Wisconsin Electric Power Company
  157. International Bank
  158. R4 Holdings, LLC and Hill International, Inc. v. General Atlantic Partners 46, LP et al.
  159. Vodacom
  160. Large U.S. Shipping Company
  161. U.S. Postal Service
  162. Major U.S. Car Rental Company
  163. Valuing fuel diversity in power markets
  164. Benchmarking Best Practices in Capital and Risk Management among International Financial Institutions
  165. California Court of Appeal Confirms Burden of Proof in Civil Fraud Cases
    Korea Data Systems (USA), Inc. v. Yu Chang Chiang et al.
  166. ConMed Corporation vs. Johnson & Johnson, Inc., Ethicon Inc., Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc., and Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc.
  167. Fair Value Estimate of ePAK Securities for Acquisition
  168. NERA's Study on the Impact of Smoking Bans
  169. National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
  170. Intel v. Broadcom
  171. Economic Assessments of Alternative Emission Standards for Snowmobile Engines
  172. WFUM Pools Scheme
  173. In the Matter of MGSI Securities, Inc.
  174. Indosuez International Finance B.V. v. National Reserve Bank
  175. Rambus Trial (Standard setting)
  176. NERA Economists' Role in Texas Instruments v. GlobespanVirata (Conexant)
  177. AC Brooks vs. The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc.
  178. Coram Healthcare Corp. Bankruptcy Proceedings
  179. Global Electronics Manufacturer
  180. NERA Economists' Role in Concrete Works of Colorado, Inc. v. City and County of Denver (10th Cir. 2003)
  181. Singapore: Industry Structures Study, 2004
  182. Measuring the Benefits of the Water Framework Directive Program in England and Wales
  183. Fortune 500 Non-Financial Corporation
  184. Large Southeast US Electric Utility
  185. Leveraged Buyout of Bell Canada Enterprises
  186. UK: Development of Price Cap (RPI-X) Regulation, 1989-2005
  187. The Benefits of Public Sector Procurement from Small Businesses
  188. Sydney Airports Corporation
  189. Large U.S. Law Firm
  190. Alza Corporation and McNeil-PPC, Inc. vs. Andrx Pharmaceuticals, LLC and Andrx Corporation
  191. Race, Sex, and Business Enterprise: Evidence from Denver, Colorado
  192. LifeNet, Inc. vs. Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, Inc.
  193. Association of Train Operating Companies
  194. California Ironworkers v. Loomis, Sayles
  195. FCI USA Inc. and FCI Americas Technology Inc. v. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd. and Foxconn Electronics Inc.
  196. Crowley Marine Services, Inc. Acquisition of Northland Fuel LLC
  197. Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Client
  198. City of New York
  199. Major U.S. Public Utility
  200. Greenhouse Gas Trading: Assessing the Impacts of Alternative Allocation Mechanisms on the Electric Power Industry
  201. Allocation of Airport Slots
  202. In the Matter of United Savings Association of Texas
  203. Leading Edge Asset Decisions Assessment (LEADA), 2004
  204. Major European Multinational Pharmaceutical Firm
  205. Statistical Sampling: Accurate Projections from Minimal Resources
  206. Hellenic Post S.A.
  207. FAS 133
  208. International Carbon Emissions Trading: Challenges and Opportunities
  209. Crédit Agricole Indosuez Luxembourg, S.A. v. National Reserve Bank
  210. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rural Post Office Branches
  211. In Re: PolyMedica Corp. Securities Litigation
  212. Major U.S. Technology Firm
  213. Ofcom
  214. Wallace et al. vs Monier Lifetile et al., Superior Court of California [2005]
  215. Zill vs. Sprint Spectrum Limited Partnership, JCCP No. 4332, Case No. RG03114147
  216. Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V., et al. v. Eon Labs Manufacturing, Inc.
  217. UK Department of National Heritage
  218. Communications Carrier
  219. Government of the Netherlands Antilles
  220. C. R. Bard, Inc. v. Medtronic, Inc.
  221. Handguns Litigation
  222. Critical Issues in International Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading: Setting Baselines for Credit-Based Trading Programs – Lessons Learned from Relevant Experience
  223. Winstar v. United States
  224. Government of Korea
  225. Analysis of Alternative Allocation Mechanisms for a U.S. Electricity Generating Company
  226. Private Investors
  227. Analysis of Standby Electric Rates for Distributed Generation
  228. U.S. Railroads
  229. New York Independent System Operator's Proposed Tariff Revisions
  230. U.S. Based Electric Utilities
  231. Insurers Prevail in Pre-Packaged Bankruptcy Dispute
  232. NERA's Role in Securities and Exchange Commission vs. John F. Mangan, Jr.
  233. Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette
  234. The European Rail Traffic Management System Programme
  235. Market Abuse License Condition for Generator Companies
  236. In Re: Avon products, Inc.
  237. American Booksellers Association et al. v. Barnes and Noble, et al. (Price discrimination)
  238. UK Post Office
  239. Medinol Ltd. v. Boston Scientific Corporation
  240. C. R. Bard, Inc. v. Boston Scientific Corporation
  241. UK: The Environmental and Social Value of Leakage Reduction (in context with other Resource and Demand Management Alternatives), 1998
  242. Examining Cash Flow Deviations
  243. Exhaust Unlimited et al. v. Cintas Corp., et al. (Class Certification)
  244. Telecommunications Operator in the Caribbean
  245. Major US Metropolitan Transit Agency
  246. Emerald Investments v. Allmerica Financial
  247. Fleet-wide Emissions and Cost-Effectiveness of New Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines
  248. Fraudulent Conveyance Analysis in Lyondell Bankruptcy
  249. Restructuring Advisory Services for a Bankrupt Energy Company
  250. Expert Advice to the Government of Ireland in its Cases Before the United Nations
  251. CareMark Rx, Inc.
  252. Illinois Department of Transportation's DBE Program Upheld Based on NERA's Expert Testimony
  253. Time Inc. v. Petersen Publishing Company, L.L.C.
  254. A Framework Methodology for Estimating the Impact of Household Metering on Consumption, 2003-2004
  255. Semiconductor Company Sued By Former Employee
  256. Acquisition of Wind Farms by EDP
  257. Survey Critique: Exposing a Flawed Design
  258. NERA's Role in Builders Association of Greater Chicago v. City of Chicago, 298 F.Supp.2d 725 (N.D. Ill. 2003)
  259. Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. v. Mylan Laboratories Inc. and Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  260. The Copyright Arbitration Panel
  261. Spa Universaire et al. v. Qwest Communications (Class Certification)
  262. National Gypsum
  263. MUFACE
  264. Oracle/Sun (DOJ, European Commission)
  265. Sotheby's/Christie's Auction House Litigation
  266. Kronospan/Constantia (European Commission, phase II)
  267. NERA's Role in the Matter of an Application by New Brunswick Power Distribution and Customer Service Corporation for Approval of Changes in its Charges, Rates, and Tolls
  268. Keene Corporation
  269. UPC
  270. The Evaluation of Major Local Authority Transport Projects: a Guide for DfT
  271. NERA's Role in a Fraudulent Conveyance Bankruptcy Dispute
  272. Large Global Computer Manufacturer
  273. Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Association v. National Collegiate Athletic Association and Cedric Dempsey (Damages assessment)
  274. Interactions of the EU ETS with Green and White Certificate Schemes
  275. An Alternative Method for Assessing the Risk-Free Rate
  276. UK Coal plc: Estimating the Economic Impact of Mine Closures
  277. Critique of UK Energy Regulator's Benchmarking
  278. California Savings & Loan
  279. United States of America v. Richard Hawkins
  280. New York Mercantile Exchange
  281. Economic Contributions of Continental Airlines' Operations at Newark International Airport to the Regional Economy
  282. NERA's Role in Otter Tail Power Company Rate Case
  283. EDF/British Energy (European Commission, phase I)
  284. Swan Transportation Company
  285. Ayyad, et al. v. Sprint Spectrum Limited Partnership, et. al.
  286. Centrica/British Energy (OFT)
  287. Green v. Fund Asset Management L.P. et al.
  288. Chicago Stock Exchange
  289. Mexico: Merger of Municipal Water Authorities, 2000
  290. Vulcan Engineering Co., Inc. v. Fata Aluminium et al
  291. Cordis Corporation v. Medtronic AVE, Inc.
  292. Veritus, Inc., d/b/a Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Blue Shield -- US District Court, W. D. Pennsylvania
  293. Trademark Survey: The Case of the Copycat
  294. Assessing Value at Risk for Quantitative Investment Strategies
  295. Contract Revisions Due to Electricity Market Reform
  296. Evaluating Post-Verdict Royalty Rates: NERA Economist's Role in Boston Scientific Corp. et al. v. Johnson & Johnson et al.
  297. Callaway Golf v. Dunlop Sports Group America, Inc.
  298. Regulatory Transparency: International Assessment and Emerging Lessons, 2004-2005
  299. First Alliance Mortgage Company et al vs. Lehman Brothers, Inc.
  300. Analysis of the Performance of Subprime Portfolios in Servicing and Breach of Contract Litigation
  301. Omnicom Securities Litigation
  302. Investigating Allegations of Racial Discrimination in Promotions
  303. Bachner, Tally, Polevoy & Misher
  304. Entry-Exit Charging Approaches in Gas
  305. In Re Imperial Credit Industries, Inc. Securities Litigation
  306. Major Multinational Electronics Manufacturer
  307. U.S.-Based Steel Fabricator
  308. Deutsche Telekom
  309. Benchmarking Credit Risk Management Practices
  310. Major Regional Food Products Distributor
  311. Measuring Consumer Credit Risk for a Large UK Retail Bank
  312. Major U.S. Newspaper
  313. NERA's Role in Teamsters Local 445 Freight Division Pension Fund, et al. v. Bombardier, Inc., et al.
  314. Regional U.S. Newspaper Publisher
  315. World Bank
  316. Forecasts of Non-Residential Water Demand, 2004
  317. Valuing Nonpublic Securities for Tax Purposes
  318. Forecasting Household Meter Optants, 2003
  319. Large Multinational Oil Field Services Company
  320. Electricity Industry Restructuring
  321. C. R. Bard, Inc. and Davol, Inc. v. United States Surgical Corporation
  322. Assistance to Acquirente Unico in the Definition of Products and in the Design of the Auction for Contracts for Differences
  323. Schering-Plough Corp., et al. (FTC challenge of agreement between branded and generic pharmaceutical suppliers)
  324. BDO Seidman (Health Management Inc. Securities Litigation)
  325. UBS Securities LLC and UBS Loan Finance LLC (Plaintiffs/Counter-Defendants) vs. The Finish Line, Inc. (Defendant/Counter-Plaintiff) and Genesco Inc. (Defendant)
  326. International Arbitration in Investment Disputes
  327. NERA Economist's Role in Visa USA Inc. v. First Data Corp., Inc.
  328. Bristol Technology, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation
  329. International Arbitration Cases: Argentine Political Risk Insurance Litigation
  330. Assistance to SNAM Rete Gas for the Development of the Network Code
  331. Central Electricity Generating Board, UK
  332. Diamond Triumph Auto Glass, Inc. vs. Safelite Glass Corporation US District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania
  333. Impact of Alternative ZEV Sales Mandates on California Motor Vehicle Emissions: A Comprehensive Study
  334. NERA's Role in Sherbrooke Turf, Inc. v. Minnesota Department of Transportation and Gross Seed Co. v. Nebraska Department of Roads 345 F.3d 964 (8th Cir. 2003)
  335. NERA's Role in Jerry Ryan, et al. v Flowserve Corporation, et al.
  336. Poste Italiane
  337. NERA's Role in Fishman Haygood Phelps Walmsley Willis & Swanson, LLP v. State Street Corporation, et al.
  338. Merck
  339. Risk Management Training
  340. Estimation of Handicapped Accessible Convenience Store for DOJ