1. SEC Could Have Materiality Problem With MCDC
  2. Investment Opportunities Stemming from the Mexican Energy Reform
  3. Competition and Price Discrimination: Evidence from the Parking Garage Industry
  4. Delivering for Television Viewers: Retransmission Consent and the US Market for Video Content
  5. The Potential Impact of Demand-Side Response on Customer Bills
  6. Economic Benefits of Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban
  7. Planning For Transfer Pricing: Brand Management Center For Consumer Articles In Switzerland
  8. Socio-Economic Impact Analysis of Alaska LNG Project
  9. US AWS-3 Spectrum Auction: Back to Basics in Auction Design
  10. The Use Of Statistical Sampling Post-Duran
  11. Use of Highly Specialized Software Applications in Financial Litigation: Intex At A Glance
  12. Assessing Economic Impacts of a Stricter National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Ozone
  13. The Costs of Inaction: The Economic and Budgetary Consequences of Climate Change
  14. Determining the Weighted Average Cost of Capital of Airports in an Evolving French Regulatory Environment
  15. Consumer Class Action Settlements: 2010-2013 Settlements Increasing, With a Focus on Privacy
  16. US 600MHz Incentive Auction: Reverse Auction Rules & Forward Auction Rules
  17. Diversion Analysis as Applied to Hospital Mergers: A Primer
  18. Why is Risk Aversion Unaccounted for in Environmental Policy Evaluations?
  19. Capacity Markets Put to the Test -- New Approaches to Meet Evolving Reliability Needs
  20. The Decoupling of Treasury Yields and the Cost of Equity for Public Utilities
  21. Control Groups in Lanham Act Surveys
  22. Quantifizierung von Schäden Auf einen Blick
  23. Quantification of Damage in the EU At A Glance
  24. Kigyouketsugou Kisei no Keizai Bunseki (Economic Analysis of Antitrust Merger Regulation)
  25. Intellectual Property: Risks Associated with Litigating or Settling Pharmaceutical Patent Matters
  26. The Value of Personal Information to Consumers of Online Services: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment
  27. Energy Taxation and Subsidies in Europe: A Report on Government Revenues, Subsidies and Support Measures for Fossil Fuels and Renewables in the EU and Norway
  28. An Economist's View of Market Evidence in Valuation and Bankruptcy Litigation
  29. COST OF COUNSEL IN IMMIGRATION: Economic Analysis of Proposal Providing Public Counsel to Indigent Persons Subject to Immigration Removal Proceedings
  30. Offshore Wind Economics Under EMR: Quantifying the Risks
  31. Intellectual Property and Intra-Group Financial Flows: The Role of Economic Analysis
  32. Snapshot of Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation: 2014 Update
  33. Economics in Environmental Decision-Making: US Environmental Protection Agency Provides for Site-Specific Cost-Benefit Analysis in Setting 316(b) Clean Water Standards
  34. Owner Effect and Sunk Investments: The Private Investor Test in Light of Earlier Capital Injections (Eigentümereffekt und versunkene Investitionen)
  35. Value Creation, Comparability and Bargaining Analysis: Key References in Transfer Pricing Going Forward
  36. Automated Detection in SEC Enforcement: Anticipating and Adapting to Emerging Accounting Fraud Enforcement Strategies
  37. Analyzing Product Liability Exposure in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Transactions
  38. Give the Data a Chance: Identifying and Interpreting Behavioral Patterns in Wage and Hour Disputes
  39. Constant Maturity Swaps and CMS-Linked Notes At A Glance
  40. Rate Design Options to Deal with Solar Net Metering Concerns
  41. AML Enforcement Trends
  42. Mobile Wireless Performance in the EU and the US: Implications for Policy
  43. The UK Energy Market Investigation: A Desperate Search for Evidence of a Lack of Competition?
  44. The Sound Recording Performance Rights at a Crossroads: Will Market Rates Prevail?
  45. Funding Valuation Adjustment At A Glance
  46. BSA/AML Enforcement Trends and D&O Liability
  47. Econometrics: Legal, Practical and Technical Issues, Second Edition
  48. NERA's Comments on the OECD's Discussion Draft on Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country-by-Country Reporting
  49. Energy Efficiency Program Evaluations: Opportunities for Learning and Inputs to Incentive Mechanisms
  50. Overcoming the Barriers to the Market Performance of Green Consumer Goods
  51. The Use of ABX Derivatives in Credit Crisis Litigation
  52. Review of the Impact of the Carbon Price Floor on the GB Electricity Market
  53. The Rough Guide to Economics
  54. Updated Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States
  55. A Comprehensive Financial and Economic Assessment of Future Iowa Baseload Generation in a Carbon-Constrained Environment
  56. Effects of Economic Conditions and Policy Interventions on OECD Broadband Adoption
  57. The Determinants of Prices in the FCC's 700 MHz Spectrum Auction
  58. The Determinants of Price in 3G Spectrum Auctions
  59. Modelling OECD Broadband Subscriptions in Disequilibrium
  60. The Economic Impact of Broadband Speed versus Penetration
  61. Retail Internet Service Markets in Thailand
  62. Trends in Canadian Securities Class Actions: 2013 Update; Filings Steady, Law in Flux and Settlements on the Rise
  63. e3GRID: Was machen wir mit den Ergebnissen des Effizienz-Benchmarkings? (What are we going to do with the results of the efficiency benchmarking?)
  64. NERA Reports for RWE npower Related to Project TransmiT
  65. Transfer Pricing for Investment Managers in a Complex Global Environment At A Glance
  66. Approaches to Measuring the Efficiency of Postal Operators
  67. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  68. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  69. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2013 Full-Year Review
  70. Don't Regulate Asset Managers as If They Were Banks
  71. Local and Regional Licensing for the US 600 MHz Band (Incentive Auction)
  72. Changes in Hurdle Rates for Low Carbon Generation Technologies due to the Shift from the UK Renewables Obligation to a Contracts for Difference Regime
  73. Germany: Revolution in PE Rules
  74. Germany: Agreements in Writing
  75. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  76. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  77. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  78. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  79. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  80. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  81. Transfer Pricing -- Germany
  82. Germany's Proposed PE Laws
  83. Financial Services Transfer Pricing
  84. How Statistics Can Mislead PM Policy: A Case of Smoke and Mirrors?
  85. A Profile of Professor Martin S. Gaynor (Director, FTC Bureau of Economics)
  86. Private Enforcement Under EU Law: Abuse of Dominance and the Quantification of Lucrum Cessans
  87. RPM Under EU Competition Law: Some Considerations From a Business and Economic Perspective
  88. Dynamic Litigation Analysis: Predicting Securities Class Action Settlements as a Case Evolves
  89. Trends in Wage and Hour Settlements: 2013 Update
  90. Economic Aspects of Small and Large Molecule Pharmaceutical Technologies
  91. Credit Crisis Litigation Update: It is Settlement Time
  92. Thin Capitalisation: An Issue That Should Not Be Looked At Thinly
  93. Environment Agency: Water Resources Management Planning -- Real Options Analysis
  94. Effective Use of Demand Side Resources: The Continued Need for Availability Payments
  95. Privatizing Royal Mail: Will It Lead To Further Efficiency Improvements?
  96. Standard Setting: Should There Be a Level Playing Field for All FRAND Commitments?
  97. Infrastruktur Deutschland Auf einen Blick (Germany Infrastructure At A Glance)
  98. NERA's Global Services and Capabilities (Japanese translation)
  99. NERA's Comments on the OECD's Revised Discussion Draft on Transfer Pricing Aspects of Intangibles
  100. White Collar Criminal Litigation, Investigations, and Compliance in the European Union At A Glance
  101. White Collar Criminal Litigation, Investigations, and Compliance in the US At A Glance
  102. An Examination of Rail Infrastructure Charges
  103. Competition and Regulation in the Italian Postal Market
  104. Recent Developments in Antitrust Enforcement and Litigation in China Involving Resale Price Maintenance
  105. Using Statistical Analysis For Employee Misclassification
  106. The New Ukrainian Transfer Pricing Regulations: An Overview
  107. Comparability Adjustments in the Absence of Suitable Local Comparables in Emerging and Developing Economies
  108. Comcast and Economic Analysis of Class Certification Issues
  109. Auditing Bankruptcy and Other Tort Claims: Statistical Analysis, Sampling, and Coding Techniques At A Glance
  110. Generic Utilization Rates, Real Pharmaceutical Prices, and Research and Development Expenditures
  111. Are Background Checks Discriminatory? The Statistical Inquiry At A Glance
  112. Range Accrual Notes At A Glance
  113. Intellectual Property Economics (Chinese translation)
  114. Antitrust & Competition Policy Economics (Chinese translation)
  115. Transfer Pricing Services (Chinese translation)
  116. A Cross-Sector and Cross-Country Review of Approaches to Transitioning to Markets
  117. High Court Brings Economics Back To Pay-For-Delay Analysis
  118. Government Time Discounting and Required Rates of Return: UK History and Current Issues
  119. The Economics of Health Care
  120. Snapshot of Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation: 2013 Update
  121. Options for a Renewable Energy Supplier Obligation in The Netherlands
  122. Retail Energy Markets: Government Ignores Economics At Its Peril
  123. Quantifying Benefits and Costs under the Resource Management Act: Lessons from Commerce Commission Decision-Making
  124. The Demand for Mobile Services in Colombia and the Impact of Asymmetric Mobile Regulation
  125. Setting Efficient Tariffs for Wastewater Infrastructure
  126. NERA's Labor and Employment Practice Experts
  127. Finding the GAAP in FCPA Enforcement: Challenges in Identifying the Impact of Alleged Bribery in Financial Statements
  128. Planning Arrangements for Electricity Transmission Networks: An International Review
  129. US Transmission Planning Arrangements -- Competitive Procurement and Independent Planner Model
  130. Short Sale Constraints and Market Efficiency in Securities Litigation
  131. Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States
  132. An Econometric Assessment of Telecommunications Prices and Consumer Surplus in Mexico Using Panel Data
  133. Price-Cap Regulation and the Scale and Timing of Investment
  134. The Role of Storage in a Competitive Market and the Effects of Climate Change
  135. Objective RMA Decision-Making: Cost Benefit Analysis as an Economic and Practical Framework
  136. The Solvency Two-Step
  137. Understanding 'Frequent Survey Responders' on Online Panels
  138. SEC Settlements Trends: 1Q10 Update
  139. Practical Aspects of Implementing Intercompany Royalties, Service Charges, and Development Activities for Russian Affiliates of MNCs
  140. A Comprehensive Look at the Critical Loss Analysis in a Differentiated Products Market
  141. Trends in Wage and Hour Settlements: 2012 Update
  142. FERC's U-Turn on Transmission Rate Incentives
  143. Estimating Employment Impacts of Regulations: A Review of EPA's Methods for Its Air Rules
  144. Economic Outcomes of a US Carbon Tax
  145. Non-Deliverable Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts At A Glance
  146. Trends in Canadian Securities Class Actions: 2012 Update Pace of Filings and Settlements Falls; Auditor Risk and Court Rulings Take Centre Stage
  147. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2012 Full-Year Review
  148. International Arbitration
  149. Impacts of Renewable Energy Subsidies/Incentives on Costs of Achieving Renewables Goals
  150. The Development of Road and Rail Transport Safety Valuation in the United Kingdom
  151. Government Discounting Controversies: The Valuation of Social Time Preference
  152. Government Discounting Controversies: Changing Prices, Opportunity Costs and Sytematic Risk
  153. SEC's Emphasis on Individual Accountability Drives Settlement Pace Toward Seven-Year High
  154. SEC Settlement Trends: 2H12 Update
  155. FSA Calendar Year-End Update 2012
  156. Switching Pharmaceutical Products from Prescription to Over-the-Counter: The Debate in the US
  157. Project TransmiT: Modelling the Impact of 'Improved ICRP'
  158. The Demand for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Investments: An Investors' Marginal Abatement Cost Curve for Ukraine
  159. The Demand for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Investments: An Investors' Marginal Abatement Cost Curve for Kazakhstan
  160. Wholesale Energy Markets: Setting the Right Framework for Price Responsive Demand
  161. Flash Update: 2012 Trends in Securities Class Actions
  162. Transfer Pricing Forum -- Germany
  163. The Costs of the Energy Company Obligation
  164. Economics as a Guide to Developing Public Policies for Biosimilar Pharmaceutical Products
  165. Energy Consumption and the Effects of Energy Efficiency Measures Based on Analysis of NEED Data
  166. Global Trends in Spectrum Auctions and Implications for the Americas
  167. Economic Implications of Recent and Anticipated EPA Regulations Affecting the Electricity Sector
  168. Recent Trends in US Securities Class Actions against Non-US Companies
  169. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Statistical Sampler
  170. Experience with Regulatory Investment Tests for Electricity Network Augmentation At A Glance
  171. An Inside Look at Monopsony Issues in the FTC's Express Scripts-Medco Merger Investigation
  172. Lost Without a Map: A Survey about Students' Experiences Navigating the Financial Aid Process
  173. Russia's Expanded Guidance on Transfer Pricing Documentation
  174. Location Specific Advantages
  175. Irish Supreme Court Restores Common Sense to the Single Electricity Market
  176. Understanding the Balancing Challenge
  177. Do Courts Count Cammer Factors?
  178. Asbestos Payments per Resolved Claim Increased 75% in the Past Year -- Is This Increase as Dramatic as it Sounds? Snapshot of Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation: 2012 Update
  179. Comments on EPA's Notice of Data Availability for §316(b) Stated Preference Survey
  180. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2012 Mid-Year Review
  181. NERA's Capabilities With Large Complex Trading Datasets At A Glance
  182. NERA Testimony on The American Energy Initiative -- A Focus on EPA's New Proposal to Tighten National Standards for Fine Particulate Matter in the Ambient Air
  183. SEC Settlement Trends: 1H12 Update
  184. Trends in Regulatory Enforcement in UK Financial Markets: Fiscal Year 2011/12
  185. Correcting the OECD's Erroneous Assessment of Telecommunications Competition in Mexico
  186. FERC Order 1000 and Public Policy Transmission Projects
  187. Correcting the OECD's Erroneous Assessment of Telecommunications Competition in Mexico
  188. The NewERA Model At A Glance
  189. Anatomy of a Merger Litigation
  190. Analyzing the Changing US Carbon Policy Landscape
  191. Estimating Damages in Canadian Shareholder Class Actions
  192. Migration of a Well-Known Brand
  193. Transfer Pricing Forum - France
  194. Damage Estimation in Wrongful Termination Cases: Impact of the Great Recession
  195. Energy Policy Briefing Note: The Real Costs of Eliminating Unsecured Credit Lines and Requiring Cash Collateral in OTC Swaps Markets
  196. Cost-Benefit Analysis of the CFTC's Proposed Swap Dealer Definition
  197. Trends in Wage and Hour Settlements: 2011 Update
  198. The NewERA Model
  199. High Debt, Low Information: A Survey of Student Loan Borrowers
  200. China’s SAT Gives Overview of Anti-Avoidance Initiatives
  201. FERC Order 1000 & Public Policy Transmission Projects
  202. An Economic Impact Analysis of EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards Rule
  203. Privatization: Could the Benefits Seen in Other Network Industries be Realized in Postal Industries?
  204. NERA Testimony on 'The American Energy Initiative – A Focus on What EPA’s Utility MACT Rule Will Cost U.S. Consumers'
  205. Project TransmiT: Ofgem's Assessment of Options for Change
  206. Insurance Coverage Towers and Predicted Settlements
  207. Settlement Reasonableness from Negotiations to Coverage Disputes
  208. The Bias of Integrated Assessment Models that Ignore Climate Catastrophes
  209. Economic Analysis of Loss in the United States Sentencing Commission's Proposed Methodologies
  210. Former Regulator Urges CFTC to Track All Automated Trading Systems
  211. Trends In Canadian Securities Class Actions: 2011 Update
  212. Consumer Demand for Mobile Phone Service in the US: An Examination beyond the Mobile Phone
  213. The Political Economy of Pipelines: A Century of Comparative Institutional Development
  214. SEC Settlement Trends: 2H11
  215. An Evaluation of the PM2.5 Health Benefits Estimates in Regulatory Impact Analyses for Recent Air Regulations
  216. Telecommunications Deregulation
  217. The Use of ABX Derivatives in Credit Crisis Litigation
  218. Apportionment Treats The Symptom, Not The Disease
  219. In Re Coventree Inc.: Subjective Determinations of Materiality and the Requirement for Expert Economic Evidence
  220. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2011 Year-End Review
  221. Insider Trading At A Glance
  222. The Economics of Product Liability & Mass Torts
  223. Article Series: Location Specific Advantages
  224. An Economic Debate Over Electric Demand-Side Response
  225. Is the Spanish Electricity Wholesale Market Competitive? Indicators of Abuse of Dominant Position and Application to the Case of Spain
  226. NERA's European Finance, Litigation, and Dispute Resolution Group: Partners in an Uncertain Regulatory and Business Environment
  227. The Changing Environment in Finance and Banking
  228. Economic Analysis in ERISA Litigation over Fiduciary Duties
  229. Spectrum Auctions Experience At A Glance
  230. Radio Spectrum Experience At A Glance
  231. Bankruptcy and Financial Distress Litigation
  232. Evaluation of Incentives in International Sectoral Crediting Mechanisms
  233. Testimony on NIPSCO's Fuel Adjustment Clause Modification
  234. US House of Representatives Testimony Concerning the Challenges Faced by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in the Transportation Sector
  235. NERA Expert Files Rate Case Testimony on Marginal Cost
  236. Implied Matching Functionality in Futures Markets
  237. ETFs: Overview and Recent Issues
  238. Location Specific Advantages -- China
  239. NERA Testimony on 'Quality Science for Quality Air'
  240. Auction Design and the Success of National 3G Spectrum Assignments
  241. Economic Policy Instruments for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  242. Targeting Attrition: Some Familiar Ratemaking Tools
  243. Economic Analysis of Materiality for Canadian Securities Litigation
  244. The New Russian Transfer Pricing Regulations: An Overview
  245. Franchising Business Model in Intra-Group Services
  246. Intangible Assets Valuation and High Uncertainty
  247. Will Court Short-Circuit Dodd-Frank?
  248. Technical Know-how in Post-Merger Integrations
  249. Technical Comments on the Regulatory Impact Analysis Supporting EPA's Proposed Rule for Utility MACT and Revised NSPS (76 FR 24976)
  250. IP Management: Brand Royalties for a Fuel Company
  251. Transfer Pricing Forum -- Germany
  252. An Economic Perspective on Small and Large Molecule Pharmaceutical Technologies (Una perspectiva economica sobre las tecnologias farmaceuticas de moleculas pequeñas y grandes)
  253. How Much Does that Medication Cost? A Study of Medicare Beneficiaries' Knowledge of Out-of-Pocket Costs for Prescription Drugs on the Specialty Tier
  254. The Costs and Benefits of Devolving Responsibility for Rail Services in London
  255. Summary and Critique of the Benefits Estimates in the RIA for the Ozone NAAQS Reconsideration
  256. Zone of Reasonableness: Coping with Rising Profitability a Decade after Restructuring
  257. Location Specific Advantages -- Case Studies
  258. New Transfer Pricing Regulations in Russia
  259. Transfer Pricing Forum - France
  260. Profit Participating Intellectual Property
  261. Tax-Effective IP Management: IP and Corporate Charges
  262. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2011 Mid-Year Review
  263. Snapshot of Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation: 2011 Update
  264. Market Definition And Implications For Merger Review
  265. Trends in Regulatory Enforcement in UK Financial Markets
  266. Fiona M. Scott Morton: Letting the Data Speak
  267. Fueling the Price of Power (and Gas): The Rising Profitability of Pipelines and the Need for Collective Action
  268. 25 Percent, 50 Percent...What's In A Number?
  269. SEC Settlements Trends: 1H11 Update
  270. Transfer Pricing Litigation and Controversy Support At A Glance
  271. Location Specific Advantages -- Principles
  272. Recurring Themes on Reasonable Royalties in Recent IP United States Damage Cases
  273. Reverse Mergers: Forensic Accounting and Financial Investigations At A Glance
  274. Setting Up a Compliant Process for New Source Review
  275. The 25 Percent Rule in Patent Damages: Dead and Now Buried
  276. Making Sense of 'Apportionment' in Patent Damages
  277. Determining the Competitive Effects of Vertical Integration in Mergers
  278. Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments – Part 1
  279. Energy Services and Capabilities
  280. Asymmetrical Price Response in Energy Supply: A Review of Ofgem's Analysis
  281. Electricity Market Reform: Assessment of a Capacity Payment Mechanism
  282. Prove di class action (Italian Class Actions Dry Runs)
  283. Economic Analysis of Damages under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  284. Considering Welfare In ITC Exclusion Order Cases
  285. Behavioral Economics in Antitrust
  286. Project TransmiT: Impact of Uniform Generation TNUoS
  287. Valuation of Energy and Resource Assets: A Real Options Approach
  288. Recent Trends in Wage and Hour Settlements
  289. The Determinants of Pricing in the Mexican Domestic Airline Sector: The Impact of Competition and Airport Congestion
  290. The Hard Facts about the Soft Numbers in Subprime Litigation
  291. Interviews with Directors General of Three Chinese Antitrust Agencies
  292. New Approaches to Intangible Property Valuation
  293. Transfer Pricing Forum -- France
  294. Risk and Regulatory Factors Affecting Location Decisions by Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies
  295. Anticipating Merger Guidelines from Mexico's Commission on Competition
  296. NERA's Transfer Pricing Capabilities in China (Chinese translation)
  297. Economic Analyses and Allegations of Collusive Anticompetitive Activity: Cartels
  298. Survey Evidence in False Advertising Cases
  299. What Does the Evidence Really Say about the Residual Supply Index?
  300. Meeting The New Standard For Reasonable Royalties
  301. Trends in Canadian Securities Class Actions: 2010 Update
  302. Germany -- The Relocation of Functions
  303. Estimation of Damages in Wrongful Termination and Personal Injury Cases At A Glance
  304. An Analysis of Price Effects from Drug Shortages for Independent Pharmacies and the Potential Role of Drug Buying Groups
  305. Tax-Effective IP Management: Brand Valuation
  306. Use of Multiple Regression for Evaluating Pay Equity: Prospects and Pitfalls
  307. Economic Welfare and Universal Service
  308. The Use of Event Studies in Disputes and Enforcement
  309. Critique of Report for the NMa on the Cost of Capital
  310. NERA's Transfer Pricing Capabilities in China
  311. Comments on the Canadian Merger Enforcement Guidelines
  312. The Matrixx of Materiality and Statistical Significance in Securities Fraud Cases
  313. Foreclosure Suspensions and Other Mortgage Disputes
  314. Transfer Pricing Forum -- Intangible Property
  315. Trends 2010 Year-End Update: Securities Class Action Filings Accelerate in Second Half of 2010; Median Settlement Value at an All-Time High
  316. Energy and Utilities Sector Roundtable
  317. Unilateral Competitive Effects of Mergers Between Firms with High Profit Margins
  318. Replacement of the Legacy High-Cost Universal Support Fund with a Connect America Fund: Key Economic and Legal Considerations
  319. SEC Settlements Trends: 2H10 Update
  320. What Do the New Risk Retention Requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act Mean for Securitization?
  321. Entreprises, attention aux prix de transfert!
  322. Fantasmes et réalités autour des prix de transfert
  323. Institution-Specific Systemic Risk Assessment Methodology
  324. How OECD Developments Are Shaping Transfer Pricing
  325. The 2010 Merger Guidelines: Do We Need Them? Are They All We Need?
  326. Data in Wage and Hour Litigation: What To Do When You Have It and What To Do When You Don't
  327. Reverse Convertibles At A Glance
  328. Principal-Protected Notes At A Glance
  329. Transfer Pricing Forum -- France
  330. Representing International Business Impacts in Transport Appraisal
  331. Transfer Pricing Forum -- Financial Instruments
  332. Insurance Price and Profit Dynamics: Underwriting Cycles Can Occur in Competitive Markets
  333. NERA's Antitrust and Intellectual Property Services in China
  334. Issue 135
  335. Implications of Carbon Cap-and-Trade for Electricity Rate Design, with Examples from Florida
  336. New Zealand Competition Law and Policy
  337. Class Certification: Product Liability and Consumer Class Actions
  338. The Next Valuation Challenge: Unlocking Companies' Valuation Framework
  339. Revamping Demand Response Programs and Rates: Challenges and Solutions
  340. An Assessment of the DIRA Triggers
  341. Italian Class Actions Eight Months In: The Driving Forces
  342. Asia to Lead the Shift to Nuclear Power
  343. Covered Bonds Handbook, Chapter 7: Alternative Funding Sources
  344. Complex Pricing Strategies: Predation, Rebates, and Bundling – Lessons from Economic Analysis
  345. Insurance Economics
  346. Consumer Protection and Regulatory Changes in the Dodd-Frank Bill
  347. Economic Analysis in the Federal Rule-Making Process to Implement the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
  348. Class Actions in Italy At A Glance (La Class Action in Italia – Aggiornamento)
  349. Data are Fundamental At A Glance
  350. Transfer Pricing Forum -- Germany
  351. Regulating Dynamic Markets: Progress in Theory and Practice
  352. Crowdsourcing Fraud Detection: Using Collective Wisdom to Expose the Next Madoff
  353. Advance Pricing Agreements in Germany
  354. Prediction Markets: A New Tool for Strategic Decision-Making
  355. Effective Dispute Resolution: Roundtable
  356. The Demise Of Junk Science And The 25% Rule
  357. Economic Analyses of Oil Spills and Other Environmental Hazards At A Glance
  358. The Proposed Google Books Settlement: Copyright, Rule 23, and DOJ Section 2
  359. Workforce Reviews: Statistical Audits and Reduction-in-Force Analyses At A Glance
  360. Exchange-Traded Funds: Consequences of Expansion
  361. Trends 2010 Mid-Year Study: Filings Decline as the Wave of Credit Crisis Cases Subsides, Median Settlement at Record High
  362. Is Faster Necessarily Better? Third Generation (3G) Take-up Rates and the Implications for Next Generation Services
  363. Cost Benefit Analysis of Options to Reduce the Risk of Fire and Rescue in Areas of New Build Homes
  364. Why Daubert Makes Sense At Class Cert. Under Title VII
  365. Energia, il mercato reale alla fine vince sul mercato virtuale
  366. Economics of Small Reactors: NERA Research Project
  367. Satisfying Fiduciary Duty Under ERISA
  368. Behavioral Economics: Implications for Antitrust Practitioners
  369. NERA's Global Services and Capabilities (Chinese translation)
  370. Minimum Resale Price Maintenance: Empirical Evidence from Maryland
  371. Airports and Aviation Experience At A Glance
  372. Transfer Pricing More Demanding
  373. Transfer of German Functions and Tax Deductibility in China
  374. NERA's European Finance, Litigation, And Dispute Resolution Group At A Glance: Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution Services
  375. NERA's European Finance, Litigation, And Dispute Resolution Group At A Glance: Advisory Services
  376. Emerging Issues in the Use of Surveys in Trademark Infringement on the Web
  377. Snapshot of Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation: 2010 Update
  378. Issue 16
  379. Issue 5
  380. The Economics Of Mobile Virtual Network Operators
  381. Issue 13
  382. Issue 50
  383. Issue 61
  384. La Eficiencia Comparativa de BT
  385. Issue 2
  386. Issue 10
  387. Issue 51
  388. Issue 62
  389. Issue 446
  390. Issue 57
  391. Issue 11
  392. Issue 33
  393. Issue 1
  394. Valuing Fossil Fuel Generation Assets in a Green Economy
  395. Issue 67
  396. Issue 3
  397. Issue 21
  398. Issue 31
  399. Issue 53
  400. La regulación del coste del capital en telecomunicaciones
  401. Issue 55
  402. Issue 42
  403. Issue 26
  404. Issue 69
  405. Issue 23
  406. Issue 70
  407. Issue 45
  408. Issue 66
  409. Issue 4
  410. Acquisitions that Create Efficiencies: Merger Analysis and the Treatment of Reductions in Fixed Costs
  411. Issue 68
  412. Issue 14
  413. Issue 22
  414. Issue 48
  415. Issue 64
  416. Issue 36
  417. Issue 15
  418. Issue 28
  419. Issue 25
  420. Issue 39
  421. Issue 65
  422. Issue 6
  423. Issue 35
  424. Issue 52
  425. Issue 12
  426. Issue 32
  427. Issue 17
  428. Issue 71
  429. Issue 24
  430. Issue 56
  431. Issue 38
  432. Issue 8
  433. Issue 37
  434. Issue 9
  435. Issue 43
  436. Issue 47
  437. Issue 27
  438. The Comparative Efficiency of BT
  439. Issue 44
  440. Issue 18
  441. Precio de Acceso y Valor de Espera (Access Price and Real Options)
  442. Aspectos económicos de los operadores móviles virtuales
  443. Issue 30
  444. Issue 54
  445. Issue 59
  446. Issue 49
  447. Basic Economic Cost Concepts for Telecommunications Cost Modeling
  448. Issue 46
  449. Issue 58
  450. Issue 72
  451. Issue 34
  452. Issue 115
  453. Issue 29
  454. Issue 7
  455. Issue 40
  456. Issue 41
  457. Issue 60
  458. Issue 19
  459. Issue 20
  460. Issue 63
  461. Merger Analysis and the Importance of Looking Beyond the Level of Pre-Transaction Competition Between the Merging Parties
  462. Conceptos de costes básicos para la modelización entelecomunicaciones
  463. Advance Pricing Agreements Under Section 482 New Emphasis on Economics
  464. Patent Damages: What Reforms Are Still Needed?
  465. Claims and Data Management and Analysis At A Glance
  466. Valuation of Insurance for Mass Torts and Product Liability Claims At A Glance
  467. Transfer Pricing Solutions for Structured Finance At A Glance
  468. Transfer Pricing Solutions for Treasury Services At A Glance
  469. Transfer Pricing Solutions for UK Fund Management At A Glance
  470. Transfer Pricing Solutions for Intercompany Guarantees At A Glance
  471. Comments on the 2010 Proposed Horizontal Merger Guidelines
  472. Wettbewerbsökonomie Auf einen Blick
  473. Responding to Changes to the Financial Supervision Playing Field
  474. Regulatory and Legal Risk in Energy Trading At A Glance
  475. NERA's Services in Transfer Pricing At A Glance
  476. NERA's Independent Risk and Regulatory Reviews for Financial Companies
  477. Conózcanos: Práctica de Comunicaciones
  478. NERA E-StorM
  479. Conózcanos: NERA Madrid
  480. Competitive Analysis in the Oil Pipeline Industry
  481. Demand Bidding Programs in ISO/ RTO Environments
  482. Achieving Efficient Demand Response through Dynamic Rates
  483. Unreasonable Royalties
  484. Opening European Electricity and Gas Markets
  485. Refund Mechanisms in Line Extension Policies: Do They Work?
  486. Locational Generation Capacity Payments in New England
  487. Demand Response via Critical Peak Pricing: Key Design Challenges
  488. Using Marginal Costs in Electricity Embedded Ratemaking
  489. Probability of Peak Analysis for Time-of-Use Rate Design
  490. Critical Peak Pricing Rates: A Marginal Cost Approach
  491. California's Resource Adequacy Mechanism
  492. Intellectual Property Protection in China and Valuation of Intellectual Property
  493. Auctions and Procurement: New Directions
  494. Are Mergers the Right Medicine for Japan's Pharmaceutical Industry?
  495. A Review of Critical Peak Pricing and Peak Time Rebates in California
  496. Economics and Daubert Challenges
  497. Standard Setting, Market Power and IP Value
  498. Loss Causation and Rule 10b-5 Damages After Dura
  499. Bulk Transmission Rate Design -- AESO's Solution
  500. Chinese Transfer Pricing Regulations and Their Implications
  501. US Perspectives on Marketing Intangibles and Services
  502. Snapshot of Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation
  503. Twelve Things I've Learned About Enterprise-Wide Risk Management of Non-Financial Firms
  504. Distributed Resources: Incentives
  505. Two Worlds Colliding? Transfer Pricing and Damages in Intellectual Property Litigation
  506. The EU Directive on Airport Charges: Principles, Current Situation, and Developments
  507. Communications Regulation and Policy Under Convergence: Advancing the State of the Debate
  508. A Proposed Roadsign at the IP-Antitrust Intersection
  509. Buying the Bad Stuff: Implementation Considerations for the Paulson Plan
  510. TXU Activities Regarding Actual and Potential US Air Emissions and Climate Change Policies
  511. An Update on the Credit Crisis Litigation: A Turn Towards Structured Products and Asset Management Firms
  512. Competitive Electricity Markets: The Benefits for Customers and the Environment
  513. Analyzing Damages in Health Care Antitrust Cases
  514. Document Versus Econometrics in Staples
  515. Die kalkulatorischen Eigenkapitalzinssätze für Strom- und Gasnetze in Deutschland (Allowed Return on Equity for German Electricity and Gas Networks)
  516. El Sistema Sanitario Español: Alternativas Para Su Reforma (The Spanish Healthcare System: Alternatives for Reform)
  517. Framing Contract Law: An Economic Perspective
  518. Economics of Antitrust: New Issues, Questions, and Insights
  519. Mobile Virtual Network Operators: Blessing or Curse? An Economic Evaluation of the MVNO Relationship with Mobile Network Operators
  520. NERA Expert Serves on Committee to Develop Patent Damages Handbook for Federal District Court Judges
  521. The Intellectual Property Debate: Perspectives from Law, Economics and Political Economy
  522. Economics of Antitrust: Complex Issues In a Dynamic Economy
  523. The Line in the Sand: The Shifting Boundary Between Markets and Regulation in Network Industries
  524. Economic Analyses in Securities Litigations
  525. Economics of Antitrust: New Issues, Questions, and Insights (Japanese Edition)
  526. The Distribution and Pricing of Sichuan Natural Gas (Chinese text)
  527. Markets for Clean Air: The U.S. Acid Rain Program
  528. Economic Approaches to Intellectual Property Policy, Litigation, and Management
  529. Racial Discrimination and Minority Business Enterprise: Evidence from the 1990 Census
  530. Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation
  531. K&L Gates–NERA Global Telecom Review
  532. Estimating Future Claims - Case Studies from Mass Tort and Product Liability
  533. Competition and Choice in Electricity
  534. Price Cap Plans for Electricity Distribution Companies Using TFP Analysis
  535. Institutional Response to Tort System Breakdown: Asbestos Enters a New Phase
  536. Groundhog Day: Recurring Themes on Reasonable Royalties in Recent IP Damage Cases
  537. NERA Topics #13: Novel Forms of Price Control for Northern Ireland Electricity
  538. NERA Topics #8: Economic Effects of Telephony Price Changes in the UK
  539. Is More Special Access Regulation Needed? Reactions to the NRRI Report on Special Access Competition
  540. Seeking Competition and Supply Security in Natural Gas: The US Experience and European Challenge
  541. Complex Sampling for Litigation
  542. The Increasing Use of Empirical Methods in European Merger Enforcement: Lessons from the Past and a Look Ahead
  543. Trends in Mutual Fund Advisory Fees
  544. Optimal Sequential Auctions for Complements
  545. NERA Topics #23: Risk and the Cost of Risk in the Comparison of Public and Private Financing of Public Services
  546. Franchisor Power or Value Creation? Economic Evidence on the Motivations for Vertical Contract Provisions
  547. Materiality and Magnitude: Event Studies in the Courtroom
  548. Rocks on the Road to Effective Regulation: The Necessary Elements of Sound Energy Regulation
  549. FCPA Settlements: It's a Small World After All
  550. First Wave or Second Wave?
  551. Making Assessments About Materiality Less Subjective Through The Use of Content Analysis
  552. Reform of Italian Water Services Tariff Calculations
  553. The Subprime Meltdown: Understanding Accounting-Related Allegations
  554. Freedom, Regulation, and Net Neutrality
  555. Climate Change Risks and Opportunities: How Companies Can Develop Information to Comply with SEC Guidance Regarding Climate Change Disclosure
  556. Where's the Economics Behind Lucent v. Gateway et al.?
  557. Guideline Companies in Valuation: The Economist's View of the Market Approach
  558. The Effectiveness of Mobile Wireless Service as a Competitive Constraint on Landline Pricing: Was the DOJ Wrong?
  559. Predatory Pricing Analysis: A Practical Synthesis
  560. Counterfactual Keys to Causation and Damages in Shareholder Class Actions
  561. Use and Misuse of Event Studies to Examine Market Efficiency
  562. Recent Evidence on Beta and the Cost of Capital for UK Electricity Companies
  563. The Misapplication of the Innovation Market Approach
  564. Words Matter: Economics & A Literal Reading of Mars, American Seating, and Monsanto-Ralph -- Potholes Along the Road to Economic Rationality?
  565. Benchmarking, Rate Cases and Regulatory Commitment
  566. An Economic Approach to the 'Balance of Hardships' and 'Public Interest' Tests for Preliminary Injunction Motions in Patent Infringement Cases
  567. Inflation and Damages in a Post-Dura World
  568. Economic Analysis and Identification of Class Conflicts in Securities Fraud Litigation
  569. China Product Recalls: What's at Stake and What's Next
  570. Exchanging Price Information can be Efficient: Per se Offences should be Legislated very Sparingly
  571. Trends in Canadian Securities Class Actions: 2009 Update
  572. A CAPM-Based Approach to Calculating Illiquidity Discounts
  573. Mean-Variance Asset Allocation for Long Horizons
  574. Options Backdating: Accounting, Tax, and Economics
  575. Loss Causation and Damages in Shareholder Class Actions: When it Takes Two Steps to Tango
  576. Where are Mesothelioma Claims Heading?
  577. Least Cost Selection of Energy Conservation Measures for Regulated Gas Utilities
  578. Economics and Patent Damages: A Practical Guide
  579. NERA Topics #12: Regulation of Competitive Telecommunications Markets
  580. Estimation on Stated-Preference Experiments Constructed from Revealed-Preference Choices
  581. Do Options Backdating Class Actions Settle for Less? -- May 2010 Update
  582. NERA Topics #16: The Sliding Scale: Price and Dividend Regulation in the Nineteenth Century Gas Industry.
  583. Rebalancing Act: A Primer on Leveraged and Inverse ETFs
  584. Options Backdating: A Primer
  585. Determination of the Appropriate Event Window Length in Individual Stock Event Studies
  586. Minimum Resale Price Maintenance: Some Empirical Evidence from Maryland
  587. Inflation Methodologies in Securities Fraud Cases: Theory and Practice
  588. Utility Least Cost Planning and the Washington Gas Integrated Model
  589. Implications of the Fair Pay Act for Statistical Analysis in Wage Discrimination Suits
  590. Do Options Backdating Class Actions Settle For Less? -- October 2008 Update
  591. A Note on Price-Cost Tests for Predation: How Do Start-Up Ventures Affect the Price-Cost Test?
  592. Marginal and Avoided Costs in Practice: A Survey
  593. Innocent Until Proven Guilty -- Or Not: An Economic Review of Market Power and Price Fixing Allegations for Text Messaging Services
  594. Estimating Financial Fraud Damages with Response Coefficients
  595. Subprime and Synthetic CDOs: Structure, Risk, and Valuation
  596. An Analysis of the Impact of Affirmative Action Programs on Self-Employment in the Construction Industry
  597. Optimal Pricing of Electric Power
  598. Do Options Backdating Class Actions Settle For Less?
  599. Credit Crisis Litigation Revisited: Litigating the Alphabet of Structured Products
  600. Wholesale Unbundling and Intermodal Competition
  601. Pareto Optimality Through Non-Collusive Bilateral Monopoly With Cost-Of-Service Regulation
  602. Ponzi Scheme Detection: How the SEC Can Catch the Next Thief
  603. Intellectual Property Rights Protection in China: Trends in Litigation and Economic Damages
  604. Competitive Pricing Methodologies For Wholesale Broadband Services
  605. A Comparables Approach To Measuring Cash-Flow-At-Risk (c-far) For Non-Financial Firms
  606. Looking for Risk in All the Wrong Places
  607. Court of Appeals Upholds Illinois Department of Transportation's DBE Program
  608. Class Certification in Wage and Hour Litigation: What Can We Learn from Statistics?
  609. A Victory for Economic and Environmental Rationality: Supreme Court Allows Cost-Benefit Analysis in Setting Important Clean Water Act Standards
  610. Intraday Trading Rates in Shareholder Class Actions
  611. Four Common Errors in Applying the DCF Model in Utility Rate Cases
  612. Now the Hard Work: How to Get the 'Biggest Bang for the Buck' from the Federal Economic Stimulus Package
  613. The Use of Surveys in Litigation: Recent Trends
  614. The Theory of Relationship-Specific Investments, Long-Term Contracts and Gas Pipeline Development in the United States
  615. Profit Sharing and ''Sliding Scale'' Regimes
  616. The European Community's New Merger Regulation: A Preliminary Economic Analysis
  617. Purchase-Sale Matching in Securities Litigation: FIFO, LIFO, and Offsets
  618. Options Backdating: The Statistics of Luck
  619. Designing and Using Surveys to Define Relevant Markets
  620. Econometrics and Regression Analysis
  621. Anticompetitive Price Squeezes in the Telecommunications Industry: A Common Complaint about Common Facilities
  622. Allocative and Productive Efficiency
  623. The Bottom Line on the Persistence of Profits
  624. Analyzing the Effects of Vertical Mergers: Incentives Matter, But Market Shares Do Not
  625. The Frequently Forgotten Benefits of Price Discrimination
  626. Proving Causation in Damages Analyses
  627. Applying the Lessons of Auction Theory to the Analysis of Mergers in Bidding Markets
  628. Simulation in Competitive Analysis
  629. Monopoly Overcharges, Pass-Through Pricing, and Economic Damages
  630. Assessing the Competitive Effects of Bundling: The Australian Experience
  631. Competition Policy Analysis in Dynamic and Complex Markets: Switching Costs, Aftermarkets, and Network Effects
  632. Innovation Market Analysis -- Lessons from the Genzyme-Novazyme Acquisition
  633. Elusive Efficiency and the X-Factor in Incentive Regulation: the Törnqvist v. DEA/Malmquist Dispute
  634. The Economics of Refusals to Deal
  635. Assessing the Merits of Early Termination Fees
  636. Do Not-For-Profit Firms Behave Differently?
  637. Gestion Stratégique des Prix de Transfert (Strategic Management of Transfer Pricing)
  638. Forecasting the Competitive Effects of Electric Power Mergers
  639. The Intersection of Antitrust and Intellectual Property Economics: A Schumpeterian View
  640. Patent Settlement Agreements
  641. Schering-Plough and the Antitrust Analysis of Patent Settlement Agreements in Pharmaceutical Markets
  642. EU ETS: Rising to the Challenge
  643. Focus on Profit Split Method
  644. Observations on the Multiple Dimensions of Market Power
  645. Implementing Price/Cost Tests for Predation: Practical Issues
  646. The Spanish Electricity Market: Lessons from the Past 10 Years
  647. Fuzzy Economics with the New Old Theory of Competitive Harm in Merger Enforcement
  648. Two Methods of Determining Elasticities of Demand and Their Use in Merger Simulation
  649. Antitrust Law and Economics of Product Distribution
  650. Economic Elements of Class Certification
  651. Ownership and Control: Implications for the Analysis of Interlocking Directorates, Partial Equity Ownership Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures
  652. The Competitive Effects of Bundled Discounts
  653. Market Definition Using Econometrics: An Apparent Paradox Explained
  654. The Increasing Use of Empirical Methods in European Merger Enforcement: Lessons from the Past and a Look Ahead
  655. Contracting Practices by Hospitals
  656. La Persecución de los Cárteles: La Política de Clemencia (Leniency Policies and the Fight Against Cartels)
  657. SEC Settlements Trends: 1H10 Update
  658. Marginal Cost of Electricity Service Study
  659. Does Telstra's TEA Model Provide a Reasonable Estimate of the TSLRIC+ of Supplying ULLS?
  660. Fleetwide Emissions and the Cost-Effectiveness of the Consent Decree Pull-Ahead Requirements for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines
  661. Recent Trends in Securities Class Actions Litigation: 2009 Mid-Year Update; Filings Remain High, Fueled by Credit Crisis and Ponzi Scheme Claims; Median Settlements Remain Under $10 Million
  662. SEC Settlements Trends: 2Q09 Update
  663. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2009 Year End Update
  664. Analysis of the QSI Study
  665. SEC Settlements Trends: 4Q08 Update
  666. Study of the Impact of Securitization on Consumers, Investors, Financial Institutions, and the Capital Markets
  667. 2002: Steady State 2001 NERA Legal Leading Indicators Survey
  668. Costs of Asbestos Litigation and Benefits of Reform
  669. 2008 Trends: Subprime and Auction-Rate Cases Continue to Drive Filings, and Large Settlements Keep Averages High
  670. Classification and Allocation Methods for Generation and Transmission in Cost-of-Service Studies
  671. Recent Trends in Shareholder Class Action Litigation: Bear Market Cases Bring Big Settlements
  672. Modernizing Pennsylvania: Verizon Pennsylvania's Infrastructure in 2002
  673. Trends in Australian Securities Class Actions: 1 January 1993 - 31 December 2009
  674. SEC Settlements Trends: 3Q09 Update
  675. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2003 Early Update
  676. Survey Techniques for Rigorous Measurement of Damages in Trade Dress Confusion Cases
  677. Recent Trends in Shareholder Class Action Litigation: Filings Plummet, Settlements Soar
  678. Report of the Equal Pay Act Subcommittee of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee
  679. Dificultades para la definición del mercado relevante (Difficulties Arising in the Analysis of Market Definition)
  680. SEC Settlements Trends: 1Q09 Update
  681. Recent Trends in Shareholder Class Action Litigation: Beyond the Mega-Settlements, is Stabilization Ahead?
  682. Credit Ratings for Structured Products: A Review of Analytical Methodologies, Credit Assessment Accuracy, and Issuer Selectivity
  683. Evaluating the New Dimension Programme
  684. Recent Trends in Shareholder Class Action Litigation: Are WorldCom and Enron the New Standard?
  685. Survey of Electric Utility Embedded Cost Methods for Generation and Transmission in North America
  686. Estimating the Impact of Government Subsidies on the Economic Development and the Employment Conditions in the Province of Reggio Calabria
  687. Assessment of the Feasibility of Benchmarked Allocation Approaches for Phase II of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
  688. Recent Trends in Shareholder Class Action Litigation: Filings Stay Low and Average Settlements Stay High -- But Are These Trends Reversing?
  689. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: Will Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley Change the Tides?
  690. The Propensity to Sue: Why Do People Seek Legal Actions?
  691. Study to Assess the Effects of Different Slot Allocation Schemes
  692. Recent Trends in Shareholder Class Actions: Filings Return to 2005 Levels as Subprime Cases Take Off; Average Settlements Hit New High
  693. SEC Settlements: A New Era Post-SOX
  694. Remedying Undue Discrimination through Open Access Transmission Service and Standard Electricity Market Design: Comments of Michael Rosenzweig, Hamish Fraser, Jonathan Falk and Sarah Voll on SMD
  695. The Impact on Patients and Payers of Designating Albuterol a Non-Essential Use of an Ozone Depleting Substance
  696. Comments to the Proposed Revision of Chapters I-III of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines
  697. Revising the Merger Guidelines: Second Request Screens and the Agencies' Empirical Approach to Competitive Effects
  698. Verbesserung der Transparenz auf dem Stromgroßhandelsmarkt aus ökonomischer sowie energie- und kapitalmarktrechtlicher Sicht (Improvement of Transparency in the Power Wholesale Trading Market)
  699. Report on UK Commercial Radio's Future
  700. Comments on the Presentation of Mason Communications to the BFWA Consultative Group on 11 November 2003
  701. Promises Fulfilled Again: Verizon Pennsylvania's Infrastructure Development
  702. Data Analysis of Public Procurement from Small and Medium Enterprises
  703. The Evaluation of Major Local Authority Transport Projects: a Guide for DfT
  704. Energy Supply Margins At Current Prices
  705. ERGEG Paper on Tariff Principles: A Comment
  706. Reform of NTS Gas Offtake Arrangements
  707. The Rise and Fall of Leaders in Personal Computer Software
  708. Segmenting the Brazilian Electricity Market (A Segmentação Do Setor Elétrico Brasileiro Uma Avaliação Crítica)
  709. The Competitive Context of the European Petroleum Refining Industry in Light of the EU ETS
  710. The Antitrust Counterclaim and Patent Damages: The Economic Relationship
  711. Ofgem's Final Impact Assessment of Mod 116: A Review for the Gas Forum
  712. Implementing Local Loop Unbundling In Europe: Are Cost Proxy Models Accurate Estimators of Forward-looking Costs?
  713. Evaluation of the Feasibility of Alternative Market-Based Mechanisms to Promote Low-Emission Shipping in European Union Sea Areas
  714. Assessment of AESO Transmission Cost of Service Analysis
  715. What Is Your Patent Case Worth: Economic Principles of Intellectual Property Damages Calculations
  716. Principles and Practice of Price Cap Regulation: An Application to the Peruvian Context
  717. Financial and Strategic Review of Northern Ireland Water Service
  718. Evaluation of Alternative Initial Allocation Mechanisms in a European Union Greenhouse Gas Emissions Allowance Trading Scheme
  719. Report for the National Audit Office on Regulatory Risk (Appendix 4 of the National Audit Office report HC273 - Pipes and Wires, April 2002)
  720. Costs and Benefits for Northern Ireland of an Integrated Irish Electricity Market
  721. Study of the Financing of and Public Budget Contributions to Railways
  722. Quantitative Evaluation of Financial Instruments for Renewable Heat -- Phase II
  723. The General Efficiency Assumptions: Setting X in RPI-X
  724. Methodology for Measuring CO2 Pass-Through: A Report for EnergieNed
  725. Cost of Capital for PR09: Final Report for Water UK
  726. Policy Options to Encourage Energy Efficiency in the SME and Public Sectors
  727. IQI Reviewed: Comments on Frontier Economics' Paper
  728. Review of the Proposed Gas Exit Arrangements: A Report for the Gas Forum
  729. Energy Efficiency and Trading Part II: Options for the Implementation of a New Mandatory UK Emissions Trading Scheme
  730. Complexities of Allocation Choices in a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Program
  731. De-Mystifying Interconnectedness: Assessing 'Too Interconnected to Fail' and the Fallout from Getting it Wrong
  732. A Price Index for Mobile Telephony, A Report for Oftel
  733. Third Party Access to LNG terminals
  734. Patent Damages: Updated Rules On The Road To Economic Rationality
  735. Electricity Tariff Structure Review: Alternative Tariff Structures
  736. Encouraging Bidding in the Single Licence National Lottery Framework
  737. An Economic Analysis of Subscriber Limits
  738. Economics of Nuclear Power
  739. Emissions Trading in the U.S.: Experience, Lessons, and Considerations for Greenhouse Gases
  740. The Profitability of the Mail Division of Deutsche Post
  741. Initial Review of Potential Expansion of the UK Phase 2 NAP to Additional CO2 Sources
  742. Economic Instruments for Reducing Ship Emissions in the European Union
  743. Estimating the Economic Costs and Benefits of ECGD: A Report for the Export Credit Guarantee Department
  744. Allocation and Related Issues for Post-2012 Phases of the EU ETS
  745. Best-Fit Estimation of Damaged Volume in Shareholder Class Actions: The Multi-Sector, Multi-Trader Model of Investor Behavior
  746. New Zealand Transmission Pricing Project
  747. Financial Implications of Competition Models -- Water UK
  748. Volume 3: Assessment of the European Commission's Third Railway Package: Proposed Regulation of Freight Quality
  749. Evaluating Alternative Structures For the Bus Industry
  750. Multi-Criteria Analysis Manual
  751. The UK Supply Curve for Renewable Heat
  752. Barriers for Purely Private Investment in Brazilian Generation (Barreiras á Realização de Investimentos No Setor de Geração Exclusivamente Pela Iniciativa Privada No Brasil)
  753. Hedge Markets and Vertical Integration in the New Zealand Electricity Sector: A Report for Contact Energy
  754. Responding to EPAct 2005: Looking at Smart Meters for Electricity, Time-Based Rate Structures, and Net Metering
  755. Impacts of Continental Airlines Operations on the New York-New Jersey Regional Economy
  756. Interactions of the EU ETS with Green and White Certificate Schemes: Summary Report for Policy Makers
  757. Competitive Analysis Using a Flexible Demand Specification
  758. RPI-X@20: Comments on the Bibliography of Alistair Buchanan's Speech
  759. NWG Network Access Tariffs: Conceptual Analysis of ''Access Pricing'' in the UK Water Industry
  760. UK Water Cost of Capital and Gearing: What is the Relationship?
  761. Keeping the Selby Complex Open
  762. Is The Tide Turning In Defendants' Favor? Evidence from Recent Judgments in Patent Infringement Cases
  763. Guidelines for Conducting a Disparity and Availability Study for the Federal DBE Program
  764. A Study of the Benefits of Public Procurement from Small Businesses
  765. Volume 2: Assessment of the European Commission's Third Railway Package: Proposed Regulation on International Passengers’ Rights
  766. Review of Seasonal Adjustments
  767. An Economic Evaluation of Network Cost Models
  768. Social Justice in Environmental Policy
  769. Economic Appraisal of Options for Extension of Legislation on GM Labelling
  770. The General Efficiency Assumption: Setting X in RPI-X, A Report for Water UK
  771. Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Rural Post Office Branches
  772. Estimating the Long Run Incremental Cost of PSTN Access
  773. Design of the Renewable Heat Incentive
  774. Evaluation of NHTSA's Benefit-Cost Analysis of 2011-2015 CAFE Standards
  775. The Comparative Efficiency of BT in 2003: A Report for Ofcom
  776. Estate Agency Market in England and Wales: Competition Case Studies
  777. Sequencing Power Sector Privatization: Is Reform Its Precondition or Result?
  778. Verizon Delaware: Infrastructure Development 1993-2002
  779. Reform and Regulation in the Indian Power Sector
  780. Access Pricing in the UK Water Industry: The Efficient Component Pricing Rule - Economics and the Law
  781. Costs of Telecommunications Competition Policies
  782. The Evidence for a Small Company Premium on the Cost of Capital at PR09 and A Review of Ofwat's PR09 Draft Determinations on the Small Company Premium: Reports for the UK's Water-Only Companies
  783. Regulating Argentina's Gas Industry: A Report Prepared for The Ministry of Economy and the World Bank
  784. Report on the Study of Japan's Economic Structure from the View of Competition Policies -- Research on the Enforcement of Merger Regulations and the Use of Economic Analysis in Major Countries
  785. Capital Structure, Interest Coverage and Optimal Credit Ratings: A Report for Water UK
  786. Shareholder Litigation: Deterrent Value, Merits and Litigants' Options
  787. Reform of Italian Water Services Tariffs Calculations
  788. Feasibility Study & Cost Benefit Analysis of Number Portability for Mobile Services in Hong Kong
  789. Alcohol in London: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
  790. A Framework for Policymakers to Analyze Proposed and Existing Antitrust Immunities and Exemptions
  791. Trade and Foreign Investment in the Community's Regions: The Impact of Economic Reform in Central Europe
  792. Volume 4: Assessment of the European Commission's Third Railway Package: Proposed Directive on Train Driver Licensing
  793. Valuation of Deaths from Air Pollution
  794. Impact of Proposed New Charge for Freight Only Lines on Demand for ESI Coal
  795. Governance and Regulatory Regimes for Private Sector Infrastructure Development: Final Report: ADB RETA 5758-REG
  796. Modern Methods For the Valuation of Intellectual Property
  797. Safety Regulations and Standards for European Railways
  798. Regulatory Policy Goals and Spectrum Auction Design: Lessons from the Canadian AWS Auction
  799. Liability for Misstatements to the Market and the Role of Expert Economic Testimony -- Response to the Davies Review
  800. Estimating Opex and Capex Efficiency: A Final Report for Water UK
  801. Central Resource Adequacy Markets For PJM, NY-ISO AND NE-ISO
  802. The European Equities Post-Trading Industry: Assessing the Impact of Market and Regulatory Changes
  803. Deregulation in Europe
  804. Critique of DTe Benchmarking
  805. CfIT's Initial Assessment Report on the 10 Year Transport Plan
  806. Volume One: Investment Incentives for the South Eastern Europe Regional Electricity Market
  807. The Social Value of the Post Office Network
  808. A Comparative Study of the Electricity Markets in UK, Spain and Nord Pool
  809. Review of the Societal Rate
  810. The Decline in Bus Services in English PTE Areas: The Quest for a Solution
  811. Guidance and Commitment: Persuading the Private Sector to Meet the Aims of Energy Policy
  812. Economic Issues Raised in the FDA’s Proposed Rule on Removing the Essential-Use Designation for Albuterol MDIs
  813. Developing a Regulatory Framework for CCS Transportation Infrastructure (Volumes 1 and 2)
  814. The State of Minority- and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise: Evidence from New York
  815. Framework for Evaluation of the 2003 Air Transport White Paper
  816. Evaluation of Supplier Obligation Policy Options
  817. The Impact of the Zespri Kiwifruit Export Monopoly on Innovation Incentives
  818. Analysis of International Experience on Effects of Restructuring of Power Sector Distribution and Commercialization Segments
  819. Use of Financial Ratios in K-setting - An Update
  820. Forecast of Asbestos-Related Injuries and Compensation Costs in Japan (Japanese text)
  821. The Evaluation of Credit Union Non-Maturity Deposits
  822. Volume 1: Assessment of the European Commission's Third Railway Package: Proposed Directive on Market Access for International Passenger Services
  823. Case Studies of Public Subsidies in the UK
  824. Review of the Australian Postal Corporation Act
  825. Security in Gas and Electricity Markets: Final Report for the Department of Trade and Industry
  826. Volume Two: Investment Incentives for the South Eastern Europe Regional Electricity Market
  827. Evaluation of Compulsory Dry-Year Generation Reserve Proposals for New Zealand
  828. Survey of Water Industry Cost of Capital and Risks Following Ofwat's ''Prospects for Prices''
  829. Updating Price Controls: Rationale and Practicalities
  830. A Climate Policy Framework: Balancing Policy and Politics
  831. Evidence on the Cost of Capital for UK Water
  832. Risk-Adjustment and Its Implications for Efficiency and Equity in Health Care Systems
  833. Key Factors in Attracting Internationally Mobile Investments by the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry
  834. Area Cost Adjustment: A Review
  835. Standard Setting and Market Power
  836. Why 'Too Big to Fail' is Too Short-Sighted to Succeed: Problems with Reliance on Firm Size for Systemic Risk Determination
  837. UK Water Cost of Capital
  838. 2008 Trends in Securities Class Actions: Annual Filings Are at the Highest Level in Six Years, Driven by the Credit Crisis, While Median Settlement Values Stay Steady
  839. Review of GB-Wide Transmission Pricing: A Report for ScottishPower UK Division
  840. Alternatives for Implementing the UK's National Allocation Plan
  841. Qualitative Evaluation of Financial Instruments for Renewable Heat
  842. Allowed Return on Equity in Canada and the United States: An Economic, Financial, and Institutional Analysis
  843. Disraeli Would Have Loved Employment Discrimination Cases
  844. Area Cost Adjustment: A Response to the Department for Communities and Local Government's (DCLG) Recent Consultations
  845. Economic Assessment of Fish-Protectection Alternatives at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station
  846. The Profitability of The Mail Division of Deutsche Post: A Final Report
  847. An Investigation into the Robustness of Ofwat's Comparative Efficiency Analysis of Capital Maintenance Expenditure
  848. Application of Empirical Methods in Merger Analysis
  849. Electricity Markets and Capacity Obligations: A Report for the Department of Trade and Industry
  850. Access to Bandwidth: Implications for Rural Areas
  851. Why Does Microsoft Charge So Little for Windows?
  852. Tariff Realignment - Final Report
  853. Assessing the Damages Provisions in the Patent Reform Act of 2007
  854. A Shopping List for Assessing the Competitive Effects of Retail Chain Mergers
  855. Valuing Know-How and Knowledge through Bottom-Up Approaches
  856. Transfer Pricing for the International Practitioner -- Germany
  857. Predatory Pricing after linkLine and Wanadoo
  858. How to Determine Trade Marks Royalties
  859. Assessing Value at Risk for Equity Portfolios: Implementing Alternative Techniques
  860. A Key Ruling On Materiality In Insider Trading Cases
  861. How Analysis Can Define the Nature, Use and Pricing of Intangibles
  862. Tradable Permits for Air Pollution Control: The United States Experience
  863. The CFTC & FERC vs Amaranth: Doing the Sister Regulator Act
  864. Critical Issues in Consumer States Include Unbundling, Performance-Based Regulation
  865. Standby Rates Issue is More Nuanced than Authors Let On
  866. Legal Clarity and Regulatory Discretion -- Exploring the Law and Economics of Insider Trading in Derivatives Markets
  867. Organisation et financement de la recherche et développement dans un contexte intra-groupe (R&D Organization and Financing in an Intra-Group Context)
  868. Dealing with Arm's Length and Comparability in the Years 2000
  869. Local Loop Unbundling: Flaws of the Cost Proxy Model
  870. Joint Purchasing, Monopsony and Antitrust
  871. Application of a Range to Determine Whether Transfer Pricing is Arm's Length
  872. Getting It Right: Filling Gaps in FERC's Stranded Cost Policies
  873. Transfer Prices Determined by Game Theory: Underlyings
  874. Reimbursing Generics in the UK: Is There a Better Way?
  875. The California Mess: How California Should Respond to High Prices
  876. Transfer Prices Determined by Game Theory: Application to IP
  877. The Relevant Market in IP and Antitrust Litigation
  878. The Development and Effectiveness of the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body
  879. The Evidence Is In: A Review of the Market Definition Debate in Hospital Merger Cases
  880. Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2003 Update
  881. Building Foundations for a Durable Deal
  882. Can FERC's Standard Market Design Work in Large RTOs?
  883. Investigating Dual Labor Market Theory for Women
  884. The Effects of Compulsory Licensing on Innovation and Access to Health Care
  885. Commentary: Obstacles to Global CO2 Trading
  886. Willingness to Pay: How the Microeconomic Toolbox Applies to Brand Valuation
  887. Are Residential Local Exchange Prices Too Low? Drivers to Competition in the Local Exchange Market and the Impact of Inefficiently-Set Prices
  888. Does Ownership or Competition Matter? The Effects of Telecommunications Reform on Network Expansion and Efficiency
  889. Using Emissions Trading to Combat Climate Change: Programs and Key Issues
  890. Three Cases Reshaping Patent Licensing Practice
  891. Retroactive Retrograde Retreat: Keeping FERC in the Generation Pricing Business Forever
  892. Reasonable Royalties After eBay
  893. Effective Application of the Section 482 Transfer Pricing Regulations
  894. The Patent Reform Act
  895. Customers' Choice Among Retail Energy Suppliers: The Willingness to Pay for Service Attributes
  896. The FERC Discounted Cash Flow: A Compromise in the Wrong Direction
  897. Patent Wars and Authorised Generics in the USA: Assessing the Issues
  898. The Continuing Rationale for Full and Timely Recovery of Fuel Price Levels in Fuel Adjustment Clauses
  899. Standby Service to Distributed Generation Projects: The Wrong Tool for Subsidies
  900. The Economic Analysis of Mergers After Daubert
  901. What can Economics do for the Rail Industry?
  902. Identifying Relevant Intercompany Activities, Quantifying Measurable Benefits Under the Temporary US Services Rule
  903. Existencias mínimas de seguridad y diversificación de los aprovisionamientos (Minimum natural gas security stocks and diversification of supplies)
  904. Applying the Best Method Rule When Reliable Internal Comparable Intangibles Exist
  905. Valuing Intellectual Property Assets for Licensing
  906. Statistical Lessons of Ricci v. De Stefano
  907. ReAL Transfer Pricing: A New Paradigm for Transfer Pricing in Europe?
  908. Contribution Analyses Under the Profit Split Method
  909. Rate Design is the No. 1 Energy Efficiency Tool
  910. Regulatory Influences on the Decision to Introduce Pharmaceutical Products in Japan
  911. Competition Policy Analysis in Complex Markets: Switching Costs, Aftermarkets and Network Effects
  912. An Asset Allocation Puzzle: Comment
  913. PEs and Transfer Pricing: The Playing Field in International Taxation Redefined
  914. A New and Uncertain Future for Managed Care Mergers: An Antitrust Analysis of the Aetna/Prudential Merger
  915. 'Uneven playing field' en las industrias del gas y la electricidad en Europa ('Uneven playing field' in the European gas and electricity sectors)
  916. The Subprime Meltdown: A Primer
  917. Are Private Equity Consortia Anticompetitive? The Economics of Club Bidding
  918. It Matters Which Way You Slice It: Risk Management for the 2005 Procurement Auction of Italy's Acquirente Unico
  919. Aligning Price Regulation with Telecommunications Competition
  920. Electricity Transmission Cost Allocation: A Throwback to an Earlier Era in Gas Transmission
  921. Merger Retrospective Studies: A Review
  922. Why Transfer Pricing Matters in Asset Management
  923. On Nonexclusive Membership in Competing Joint Ventures
  924. Risk Disclosures and Damages Measurement in Securities Fraud Cases
  925. Investment Incentives Created by the Montreal Protocol and FDA Policy on Albuterol
  926. Portable Entitlements: Unlikely to Resolve Transition Dilemma
  927. Don't Feed the Trolls?
  928. Why Privatize? Prospects in Developed and Underdeveloped Economies
  929. Los Mercados Secundarios de Gas Natural en Europa (Status Report on Europe's gas trading hubs)
  930. Clearing Uninjured Plaintiffs From The Tort System: The Road To A Solution
  931. An Economic Perspective On the Best Method Rule: Intercompany Transfer Pricing Under the New Section 482 Regulations
  932. Trends in Canadian Securities Class Actions: 1997-2008, Canada Strikes its Own Course
  933. Mergers in Regulated Industries: The Uses and Abuses of Event Studies
  934. Germany's Draft Administrative Principles: Focus on Documentation, Economic and Quantitative Analysis
  935. A Groundbreaking Proposal: European Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading
  936. Lasting Implications of Global Crisis: Firm Decisions and Transfer Pricing
  937. Benchmarking of Electricity Networks: Practical Problems with its Use for Regulation
  938. Superstars in the National Basketball Association: Economic Value and Policy
  939. FERC Takes the Wrong Path in Pricing Policy
  940. Alternatives for the Elimination of Cross-Subsidies: The Case of Brazil
  941. Emissions Trading: Turning Theory Into Practice in the Los Angeles Air Basin
  942. Transfer Prices Determined by Game Theory: Application to the Banking Industry
  943. A Critique of the Resource Adequacy Requirement Proposed in FERC's SMD NOPR
  944. A New Reign in Spain
  945. How Private Antitrust Litigation May Proceed In China
  946. An Uncertain Future
  947. Making Every Electricity Consumer a Market Participant (Putting Demand Back in the Equation)
  948. EU Arbitration for Financial Institutions
  949. Cross-Subsidies: The Economic Impact of the Tariff Realignment in Brazil
  950. The Economics of Market Definition Analysis in Theory and in Practice
  951. The Social Benefit of the Limited Exercise of Local Market Power
  952. The Case For Markets
  953. Adjusting Uncontrolled Profit-Based Benchmarks for Differences in Operating Expense Structure
  954. Die Verwaltungsgrundsätze zur Dokumentation von Verrechnungspreisen: Der Fremdvergleich und die Angemessenheit der Verrechnungspreise (Administrative Principles for the Documentation of Transfer Prices)
  955. Adesso servono regole chiare per l'intero comparto. Ma una legge non basta.
  956. Natural Gas Pricing: The First Step in Transforming Natural Gas Industries
  957. Cash Flow-at-Risk and Financial Policy for Electricity Companies in the New World Order
  958. How Well Do Constant-Maturity Treasuries Approximate the On-the-Run Term Structure
  959. Setting Incentives for Truth-Telling and Efficiency
  960. Assessing the Antitrust Risk in Mergers and Acquisitions: Insights from Econometric Screening
  961. Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Applications for Market-Based Rates
  962. Recreation Demand Models with Taste Differences Over People
  963. The 'Less Than' Efficient Capital Markets Hypothesis: Requiring More Proof From Plaintiffs In Fraud-On-The-Market Cases
  964. The Impact of OECD Developments on Transfer Pricing in the UK
  965. How to Use Transfer Pricing to Calculate the Value of a Brand
  966. Secondary Market Can Compete
  967. NERA at 40: Making Markets Work Better
  968. The Impact of the Regulatory Process and Price Cap Regulation in Latin American Telecommunications Markets
  969. Are ITP-Run Day-Ahead Markets Needed?
  970. Predatory Pricing -- Economics and Law in the United States and the European Union
  971. Mergers and Acquisitions in the US Electricity Industry: State Regulatory Policies for Reviewing Today's Deals
  972. El Reglamento sobre las Condiciones de Acceso a las Redes de Transporte de Gas Natural en la UE (Regulation on Conditions for Access to the Natural Gas Transmission Networks)
  973. The Oil Industry Controversy: It's Not the Assumptions You Make, But What You Make of Them
  974. Where Was SOX?
  975. Valuing Trademarks: The Devil in the Details
  976. NRG Power Marketing: An Economist's Assessment
  977. Gas Pipeline Capacity: Who Owns It? Who Profits? How Much?
  978. What Lies Ahead for the EU ETS?
  979. Common Flaws in Implementing Payment Terms Adjustments: The Effect of Benchmark Choice on the Arm's-Length Test
  980. 2 Economists' Take On i4i v. Microsoft
  981. Procompetitive and Anticompetitive Assistance to Entry: On Cures That Bring Their Own Diseases
  982. Power Sector Reform: Experiences from the Road
  983. Antitrust Around the World: An Empirical Analysis of the Scope of Competition Laws and their Effects
  984. Antitrust Issues Between Payers and Providers
  985. What Does the Market Think About Your Y2K Exposure?
  986. Complying with New Rules for Controlling Nitrogen Oxides Emissions
  987. The Importance of an Active Demand Side in the Electricity Industry
  988. How to Calculate and Who is Entitled to the Additional Profit from Location Savings? (Japanese text)
  989. Financing New Nuclear Capacity: Will the 'Nuclear Renaissance' be a Self-Sustaining Reaction?
  990. Revisiting Regulation: Why the Reins Should be Loosened on Thoroughbred Horse Racing
  991. Grasping the Value of Intangible Assets: An Economic Approach to SFAS Nos. 141 and 142
  992. How Did We Get Here? The Story of the Credit Crisis
  993. Major Electricity Customer Pricing Options: The Case of Saudi Arabia
  994. A European View on Transfer Pricing After Glaxo
  995. Using Non-Probability Samples for Confusion Surveys -- Mall Intercepts and the Internet
  996. Engaging in Cross-Border Power Exchange and Trade via the Arab Gulf States Power Grid
  997. Financial Disclosure and SFAS 157: Seeking Transparency in a Perfect Storm
  998. The Boeing/McDonnell Douglas Merger: The Economics, Antitrust Law and Politics of the Aerospace Industry
  999. An Introduction to Financial Transmission Rights
  1000. IP Valuation Puts New Theories into Practice
  1001. Monopsony Revisited: A Comment on Blair & Harrison
  1002. Mise en place d'une politique de prix de transfert et organisation d'une fonction fiscale performante (Implementing a Single Organization Function for Transfer Pricing Policy and Fiscal Performance)
  1003. Incentives and China's New Antimonopoly Law
  1004. Intellectual Property Protections Emerging in China: System Far from Perfect
  1005. The TRIPS Agreement and Access to Health Care
  1006. The Use of Externality Adders for Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Electric Utility Resource Planning
  1007. Integración de las redes de transporte de gas y electricidad en Reino Unido (The Integration of Gas and Electricity Transport Networks in the UK)
  1008. Geographic Market Issues in Hospital Mergers
  1009. Economists Lend Insight Into Antitrust Risk
  1010. Intangibles, Market Structure and the Use of Profit Split Methods
  1011. Empirische Methoden in der Europäischen Fusionskontrolle (Empirical Methods in European Merger Control)
  1012. Downstream Discovery in Antitrust Class Actions
  1013. Transfer Pricing Documentation
  1014. La loi allemande surles Business Migrations (The German Law on Business Migrations)
  1015. Voluntary Relationships Among Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators: An Economic Explanation
  1016. The Use of Economic Analysis in Predatory Lending Cases: Application to Subprime Loans
  1017. Transfer Pricing in France in 2009
  1018. Forecasting Product Liability by Understanding the Driving Forces
  1019. Las Iniciativas de Gas Regionales (Gas Regional Initiatives)
  1020. Intellectual Property Rights Protection in China: Litigation, Economic Damages, and Case Strategies
  1021. 'Decoupling' for Energy Distributors: Changing 19th Century Tariff Structures to Address 21st Century Energy Markets
  1022. Use of Sample Surveys in Product Liability Litigation
  1023. Let Customers Fix Electricity Markets
  1024. Substituting Outrage for Thought: The Enron Smoking Gun Memos
  1025. Calculating Fairness
  1026. Electricity Journal Debate: A Response to Boonin's Straight Fixed Variable 'Feebate' Rate Design
  1027. Essential Facilities, Economic Efficiency, and a Mandate to Share: A Policy Primer
  1028. Shopping for Transparency in Retail Mergers
  1029. Tarifas entrada-salida para el transporte de gas natural (Entry-Exit Tariffs for Natural Gas Transport)
  1030. The State of the Art in Comparability for Transfer Pricing
  1031. 20/20 Hindsight: The Gas Forecasting Dilemma
  1032. Utility Externalities and Emissions Trading: California is Developing a Better Way
  1033. In the Eye of the Beholder: Price Structure as Junk Science in Antitrust Class Certification Proceedings
  1034. Transfer Pricing in Troubled Times
  1035. Are Three to Two Mergers in Market with Entry Barriers Necessarily Problematic?
  1036. US Power Market Outlook
  1037. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis in Patent Infringement Litigation
  1038. Cross-Border Transactions Involving Intellectual Property: Valuation Under Internal Revenue Code Section 482
  1039. The Economic Impact Of New MMSEA Regulations
  1040. Una valoración económica de la nueva directiva europea del gas (An Economic Assessment of the New European Gas Directive)
  1041. Fussing and Fuming about Fair Value and Financial Institutions: Fact or Fiction?
  1042. Revising the Merger Guidelines: Second Request Screens and the Agencies’ Empirical Approach to Competitive Effects
  1043. Unmarried Parenthood and Redistributive Politics
  1044. X Marks the Spot: How to Calculate Price Caps for the Distribution Function
  1045. A Comparables Approach to Measuring Cash-Flow-at-Risk for Non-Financial Firms
  1046. Benefits and Costs of Intellectual Property Protection in Developing Countries
  1047. RPI-X@20: A Plan for Regulatory Regime Change
  1048. A Proposed Methodology to Measure Damages for Option Traders Alleging Securities Fraud
  1049. Using In-country Comparables to Measure the Returns Due Pharmaceutical Marketing and Distribution Affiliates
  1050. Forecasting Claims in an Era of Tort Reform
  1051. Merger Screens: Market Share-Based Approaches Versus 'Upward Pricing Pressure'
  1052. Priorities for the Development of GHG Trading Programs: Implications of the U.S. Experience
  1053. Ex Ante or Ex Post? Risk, Hedging and Prudence in the Restructured Power Business
  1054. Multiple Comparisons and the Known or Potential Error Rate
  1055. Economics and the Rigorous Analysis of Class Certification in Antitrust Cases
  1056. Where Herfindals Can lead You Astray: An Analysis of FERC’s Approach to Vertical Mergers
  1057. Coping with the Economic Downturn: Comparing Arm's Length Benchmarks During a Volume Recession
  1058. Firm-Specific Productive Efficiency: A Response
  1059. I meccanismi di flessibilità della proposta di Direttiva sulle rinnovabili
  1060. Rigorous Surveys for More Accurate IP Damages
  1061. Principles of Competition Policy Economics
  1062. Antitrust & Innovation
  1063. Assessing the Competitive Effects of a Merger: Empirical Analysis of Price Differences Across Markets and Natural Experiments
  1064. Antitrust Treatment of Mergers Involving Future Goods
  1065. New IRS Service Fee Regulations: The US Will Go First, Other Countries Will Be Forced to Follow
  1066. When Do Breakpoints Give Mutual Fund Investors a Break?
  1067. Transfer Prices for the Intangible Property Embodied in Products with Extraordinary Profit Potentials
  1068. Broad-Based Compulsory Licensing of Pharmaceutical Technologies: Unsound Public Policy
  1069. Transfer Pricing in France in 2008
  1070. Antitrust and Patent Settlement Investigations
  1071. Market Power and Demand Responsiveness: Letting Customers Protect Themselves
  1072. Is There a Rational Path Towards Salvaging Competition?
  1073. An Analysis of the Decision to File, the Dumping Estimates, and the Outcome of Antidumping Petitions
  1074. Real Option and Patent Damages: The Legal Treatment of Non-Infringing Alternatives, and Incentives to Innovate
  1075. Rosenberg's 'Leap' Not Warranted on LMP Issue
  1076. Competition and Innovation in Health Care Markets and Their Implications for Antitrust Enforcement
  1077. The Socioeconomic Effects of Externality Adders for Electric Utility Emissions
  1078. Tarifa de Último Recurso (The Tariff of Last Resort)
  1079. Power Sector Reform: Is There a Road Forward?
  1080. Applying the Market Definition Guidelines of the European Commission
  1081. The Pricing of a Brand Name Product: Franchising in the Motel Services Industry
  1082. Calculating Royalties Based on Comparable Market Opinions
  1083. Efficiencies Analysis in Hospital Mergers
  1084. Hedging and the Estimation of Marketability Discounts
  1085. How Transfer Pricing Can Create Value
  1086. Whither Merger Review? Looking Forward While Looking Back
  1087. ISOs Not the Answer for Gas
  1088. Maryland versus New Jersey: Is there a 'Best' Competitive Bid Process?
  1089. The Arbitration of Transfer Prices in Europe: The EU Arbitration Convention in Practice
  1090. Intellectual Property Rights Protection in China: Litigation and Economic Damages
  1091. Infrastrutture come evitare una nuova bolla
  1092. Drivers of Demand Growth for Mobile Telecommunications Services: Evidence from International Panel Data
  1093. The FTC's Report on Gasoline Price Manipulation and Post-Katrina Gasoline Price Increases: Some Comments
  1094. Is the MVNO Model Doomed?
  1095. In Defense of the 'Gold Standard'
  1096. Measuring the Degree of Interindustry Competition in U.S. v. Continental Can
  1097. When Arm’s Length Isn’t Really Arm’s Length: Issues in Application of the Arm’s-Length Standard
  1098. FTC Requires Patentee To Fulfill Licensing Commitments To A Standard-Setting Organization To Prevent Consumer Harm
  1099. La regulación de las infraestructuras energéticas (Regulation of Energy Infrastructures)
  1100. Economic Regulation of Utilities and Network Industries Worldwide
  1101. Market Definition Analysis in German Competition Policy (SSNIP-Test oder Bedarfsmarktkonzept? Marktabgrenzung in der deutschen Kartellrechtspraxis)
  1102. Seguridad del suministro del gas desde una perspectiva económica (An Economic Perspective on Security of Supply in Natural Gas)
  1103. La clemencia en la lucha contra los cárteles (Leniency and the fight against cartels)
  1104. Observations on the Multiple Dimensions of Market Power
  1105. Further State Electric Deregulation Can be Guided by Gas Experience
  1106. Quantitative Techniques in Competition Policy Analysis
  1107. Market Power, Monopoly, and Mergers: Competitive Assessments Beyond Market Shares
  1108. How Franchising Arrangements Could Apply in Transfer Pricing
  1109. The Emergence of a European Dimension for Transfer Pricing
  1110. The Costs to the US Health Care System of Extending Marketing Exclusivity for Taxol
  1111. Patterns in Global Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications Development: A Cluster Analysis
  1112. Developments -- and Divergence -- in Merger Enforcement
  1113. FERC Imposes New Constraints On Utility Procurement
  1114. Sequential Auctions for Stochastically Equivalent Complementary Objects
  1115. The Competitive Effects of a New Product Introduction: A Case Study
  1116. Does Bell Company Entry Into Long-Distance Telecommunications Benefit Consumers?
  1117. Why Policy (Good and Bad) Follows Headlines
  1118. (Market) Timing Is (Not) Everything
  1119. Culture Must Drive a Winning Policy
  1120. US Blackout Illuminates Problems
  1121. Term Structure Estimation from On-the-Run Treasuries
  1122. Crecimiento de la demanda por servicios de comunicación móviles. Mitos y realidades (International Mobile Demand Growth: Myths and Reality)
  1123. Test Pub
  1124. Luces y sombras de la Directiva Europea del Gas 98/30/CE (Lights and Shades of the European Gas Directive 98/30/EC)
  1125. The Cost of the Local Telecommunication Network
  1126. Estimation of Patent Licensing Value Using a Flexible Demand Specification
  1127. A Regression Primer for Labor Practitioners
  1128. Die kalkulatorischen Eigenkapitalzinssätze für Strom- und Gasnetze in Deutschland (Allowed Return on Equity for German Electricity and Gas Networks)
  1129. The Limited Impact of Rothe VII on M/W/DBE Programs
  1130. Regulatory Governance: Criteria for Assessing the Performance of Regulatory Systems
  1131. Modelos de mercado eléctrico: Paradigma competitivo y alternativas de diseño (Electric Market Models: Competitive Paradigm and Design Alternatives)
  1132. Market Power Not the Culprit in California Market's Abysmal Performance
  1133. Parallel Trade in Pharmaceuticals: The Impact on Welfare and Innovation
  1134. Directrices de buenas prácticas para el acceso a los almacenamientos de gas natural en la UE (Guidelines for Good Practice in the Access to Natural Gas Storage Systems in the EU)
  1135. Intervista a Francesco Lo Passo sul mercato elettrico
  1136. Subprime Securities Litigation: Key Players, Rising Stakes, and Emerging Trends
  1137. A Market-Based Approach for Tangible Property Transfer Pricing
  1138. Convergence in Telecommunications: Implications for Regulation and Competition Law Enforcement
  1139. Power Sector Reform in Brazil: Challenges to Private Investment
  1140. Estado Actual de la Liberalización del Mercado de Gas en Italia (Current Status of the Italian Gas Market Liberalization)
  1141. Telecommunications Privatization and Tariff Rebalancing: Evidence from Latin America
  1142. Guidelines Address Migrating Business
  1143. X-Factor Updating and Total Factor Productivity Growth: The Case of Peruvian Telecommunications, 1996-2003
  1144. Effect on 10b-5 Damages of the 1995 Private Securities Litigation Reform Act: A Forward-Looking Assessment
  1145. The Thaw: the End of the Ice Age For American Utility Rate Cases - Are You Ready?
  1146. The Profit Split Method: Effective Application for Precision and Administrability
  1147. Capacity Adequacy in New Zealand's Electricity Market
  1148. New German Legislation: Relocation of Functions
  1149. Patent Damages and Real Options: How Judicial Characterization of Non-Infringing Alternatives Reduces Incentives to Innovate
  1150. Locational Electricity Capacity Markets: Alternatives to Restore the Missing Signals
  1151. Developing a Capacity Payment Mechanism in Italy
  1152. Cost Sharing Agreements May Allow Multinational Companies to Reap the Benefits of Intangible Asset Investment
  1153. France: Intangible Asset Remuneration
  1154. Customer Sovereignty: Why Customer Choice Trumps Administrative Capacity Mechanisms
  1155. How the OECD will Impact IP and Transfer Pricing
  1156. Why Transfer Pricing is Relevant to Premiership Football
  1157. The Risk Sharing Strawman
  1158. Dynamic Asset Allocation for Stocks, Bonds, and Cash
  1159. The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: TRIPS Rulings and the Developing Countries: Prospects After Seattle
  1160. The Future Costs, Risks, and Rewards of Drug Development: The Economics of Pharmacogenomics
  1161. Incentive Regulation Meets Electricity Transmission on a Grand Scale: FERC Order No. 2000 and PBR
  1162. The Effects of Patent Protection on the Prices of Pharmaceutical Products - Is IP Protection Raising the Drug Bill in Developing Countries?
  1163. A Hard Landing in the Soft Drink Market -- MOFCOM's Veto of the Coca-Cola & Huiyuan Deal
  1164. Transaction Support Services At A Glance
  1165. European Postal Practice At A Glance
  1166. European Gas Network Rules At A Glance
  1167. Statistical Sampling and Data Analysis in Mass Torts and Product Liability Litigation At A Glance
  1168. Time-Based and Optional Rates At A Glance
  1169. Choice Modeling At A Glance
  1170. Statistical Support for Rate Cases At A Glance
  1171. Shareholder Resolutions: Evaluating Corporate Climate Change Risks At A Glance
  1172. Pharmaceutical Economics At A Glance
  1173. Climate Change At A Glance
  1174. Wage and Hour Litigation At A Glance
  1175. Using Statistical Analyses to Evaluate the Impact of MMSEA Section 111 -- At A Glance
  1176. Utility Tariff Design At A Glance
  1177. Services for Global Investors At A Glance
  1178. Transaction Support Services in Europe At A Glance
  1179. Careers at NERA Sydney At A Glance
  1180. Regulatory Framework for Major Gas Infrastructures At A Glance
  1181. European Competition Policy At A Glance
  1182. Fair Value Measurements and Active Markets At A Glance
  1183. Environmental and Service Quality Valuation At A Glance
  1184. Business Valuation At A Glance
  1185. Commercial Litigation and Damages At A Glance
  1186. Capabilities in Nuclear Power At A Glance
  1187. Labor and Employment At A Glance
  1188. Natural Gas Industry Experience At A Glance
  1189. Law & Economics in Energy Markets At A Glance
  1190. Toxic Torts At A Glance
  1191. Labor and Employment Discrimination At A Glance
  1192. Utility Codes of Conduct At A Glance
  1193. International Arbitration At A Glance
  1194. Class Certification At A Glance
  1195. Supply-Demand Planning At A Glance
  1196. Deep Freeze in Auction Rate Securities At A Glance
  1197. European LNG Expertise At A Glance
  1198. FIFRA Data Compensation At A Glance
  1199. European Gas Markets At A Glance
  1200. Economic Analysis in ERISA Litigation At A Glance
  1201. Transportation Torts and Recalls At A Glance
  1202. Market Analysis & Strategy in the Communications Industry At A Glance
  1203. Financial Investigations At A Glance
  1204. Survey Research, Design, and Analysis At A Glance
  1205. Careers at NERA Melbourne At A Glance
  1206. European Expertise in Mobile Communications At A Glance
  1207. Statistical Sampling and Data Analysis At A Glance
  1208. Cost of Capital/Return on Equity/Rate of Return At A Glance
  1209. Communications & The Changing Regulatory Environment At A Glance
  1210. Merger Control in Europe At A Glance
  1211. Appraisal, Evaluation, and Impact Assessment At A Glance
  1212. Environmental Economics At A Glance
  1213. European Energy Practice At A Glance
  1214. Asbestos Liability and Valuation At A Glance
  1215. The Changing Landscape of Commodity Market Regulation At A Glance
  1216. Financial Regulation and Compliance Litigation At A Glance
  1217. Availability and Disparity Studies At A Glance
  1218. European Transport Practice: Rail At A Glance
  1219. Water Group At A Glance
  1220. Transaction Support in the Water Sector At A Glance
  1221. The Chilling Effects of the Subprime Meltdown At A Glance
  1222. Value-Chain Risk Advisory At A Glance
  1223. Wholesale Power Market Assessment Services At A Glance
  1224. Materials for Gas Industry At A Glance
  1225. Intellectual Property At A Glance
  1226. Training in Utility Costing/Pricing/Regulation At A Glance
  1227. Valuing Equity Compensation for Private Companies At A Glance
  1228. European Transport Practice At A Glance
  1229. Broker-Customer Disputes At A Glance
  1230. Health Policy and Economics At A Glance
  1231. New Source Review At A Glance
  1232. Antitrust & Competition Policy Economics
  1233. Economic Analyses of Historically Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
  1234. Statistical Sampling and Survey Design
  1235. Services and Capabilities in Financial Risk Management
  1236. The Economics of Complex Business Disputes
  1237. NERA Tokyo (Japanese translation)
  1238. Transfer Pricing Services (Japanese translation)
  1239. NERA's Capabilities and Experience in Mergers and Acquisitions
  1240. Workforce Reviews and Statistical Audits At A Glance
  1241. NERA Canada: Capabilities and Services
  1242. Transfer Pricing Services in China (Chinese translation)
  1243. NERA's Global Services and Capabilities
  1244. Intellectual Property Economics
  1245. The Modern Mass Tort
  1246. Litigation Support in Energy, the Environment, and the Water Industry
  1247. Transfer Pricing Services
  1248. Labor and Employment Services and Capabilities
  1249. The Economics of Securities and Financial Litigation
  1250. Leveraged Leasing Transaction Services
  1251. O Setor Elétrico Brasileiro: A Experiência da NERA
  1252. Forecasting Asbestos Liability After Recent Bankruptcy Decisions: How Forecasts Must Adjust for Changes in the Tort System
  1253. The New Temporary Cost Sharing Regulations: What Needs to be Done?
  1254. Finding Patent Litigation Strategies That Make Economic Sense: What Does Your Client Really Need?
  1255. Pricing Intangible Property: The Path to a Sustainable Transfer Pricing System
  1256. The Paulson Proposal: Economists' Views
  1257. A NERA Briefing: Expert Workshop on HTA
  1258. A Note on the Law & Economics of Acceptable Non-Infringing Alternatives
  1259. Antitrust Comes of Age in China
  1260. X-Setting in Water Price Cap Reviews
  1261. The Paulson Proposal: An Update on Economists' Views
  1262. International Arbitration in Regulated and Related Businesses: Why Hire Economists?
  1263. Special Case: Charging Royalties to Newly Acquired Businesses
  1264. A Brief Comment on the Damages Provisions in the Patent Reform Act of 2009
  1265. Backdating Options: Frequently Asked Accounting Questions
  1266. Economists' Views: New Playbook for a Financial Crisis
  1267. Two Myths Exposed: Why Losses Don’t Go On Forever and Why Plaintiffs Actually Should Find Employment
  1268. The Fed's Expanding Playbook: Economists' Views
  1269. Using Surveys to Evaluate the Effect of Non-Infringing Alternatives on Patent Infringement Damages
  1270. OFGEM IIP: Analysis of Basis for Rewarding Service Performance
  1271. The Google IPO Auction: Bidding Strategies for Institutional Investors
  1272. Estimating Future Asbestos Claims: Lessons from the National Gypsum Litigation
  1273. Using Credit Default Swaps to Price Intercompany Loan Guarantees
  1274. Using Charges to Tackle Road Congestion
  1275. Compliance and Tax Planning Under the New US Service Fee Regulations
  1276. Practical Solutions for Intercompany Pricing
  1277. Thoroughbred Racetrack Economics: Emerging Issues in Competition, Regulation, and Wagering