1. Another EPA Overreach: Ozone Standards
  2. SEC Could Have Materiality Problem With MCDC
  3. ISO-NE pay-for-performance reforms meet pushback
  4. NERA Study: EPA Regs Would Cost Arkansas Jobs, Millions in Compliance
  5. Climate: Senators grill skeptic on costs of warming
  6. Class Action Firms Don't Exactly Feast On Insurance
  7. Study: Consumer Class Settlements on the Rise
  8. Public Defender System for Immigrants Facing Deportation Would Pay for Itself, Study Says
  9. US: More than half of class action settlement money related to antitrust cases
  10. US firms frustrated by EU clearing timeline
  11. NERA Named by The Washington Post as one of 'Top Workplaces 2014'
  12. New Hurdle in Investors' Class Actions
  13. Supreme Court Curbs, but Doesn't Kill, the Shareholder Class Action
  14. Local China Firm Charged with Fraud
  15. European Commission relies on NERA Economic Consulting in State Aid Approval of Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  16. Jeffrey Eisenach talks net neutrality and Internet governance on the Diane Rehm Show
  17. Osborne accused of landing fatal blow to coal
  18. Coalpro: carbon floor price freeze could cut £63 from energy bills
  19. UK carbon support could fast-track coal-fired plant closures - report
  20. Coal industry joins calls for carbon price floor rethink
  21. Could this be Armageddon for shareholder class actions?
  22. Do Securities Class Actions Actually Help Investors?
  23. Justices May Limit Securities Fraud Suits
  24. Do Class Actions Benefit Investors?
  25. A Week to Remember in Prague
  26. Securities class actions almost double in four years
  27. Energy bills to rise to help Scottish wind farms, report warns
  28. Public Companies Face More Class Actions Despite Higher Hurdles
  29. NERA Releases 2013 Securities Class Action Litigation Report
  30. 600 MHz Auction Proposal Seeks Middle Ground on License Area Size
  31. Tracey McDermott, FCA Director of Enforcement & Financial Crime, Discusses Recent Developments in Enforcement and Emerging Issues
  32. FCA Enforcement Director Calls On Firms To Embrace 'Culture Change'
  33. FCA crime head: Time for industry to 'walk the walk'
  34. ABA Speakers Discuss Causes, Remedies For Persistent Pay Gap Between Sexes
  35. How the Bank Lobby Loosened U.S. Reins on Derivatives
  36. Fukushima leak erodes confidence in nuclear power
  37. Maintaining Wage and Hour Compliance in 2013
  38. SEC Gets Set to Test Policy for Guilt Admissions
  39. Big health care better?
  40. 'Fabulous Fab' trial is a test for SEC
  41. Government's case against US Airways-American Airlines merger is novel
  42. How Medco Won Antitrust Approval For A Deal Wall Street Considered Doomed
  43. Margaret Thatcher: one policy that led to more than 50 companies being sold or privatised
  44. Wage-and-hour settlements rise in 2012 - NERA
  45. UK regulatory fines unpredictable and defence costs opaque, insurers hear
  46. Plaintiffs firms' fees climb for securities class actions
  47. Securities class action firms earned $653 million in fees in 2012
  48. Rush to Natural Gas Has Coal-Fired Utilities Seeing Red
  49. SEC settlements reach highest level since 2007
  50. Securities class action settlements plummet in 2012
  51. Securities Suit Filings Stable, But Settlements and Dismissals Are Down
  52. Accountants Skirt Shareholder Lawsuits
  53. U.S. Gas Exports Clear Hurdle
  54. U.S. closer to being major natural gas exporter
  55. China's Chapter of U.N. Manual Advocates Reimbursement For Location Savings, Added Profit for Local Intangibles
  56. Report Bolsters the Case for Large U.S. Natural Gas Exports
  57. Report gives green light to US gas exports
  58. High-Frequency Traders Seen Profiting at Small-Firm Expense
  59. High speed traders jolt U.S. grain trade
  60. NERA Releases Study of Securities Suits against Non-U.S. Companies
  61. BofA pays $2.4 bln to settle claims over Merrill
  62. Forty Percent of Student Loan Borrowers Don't Get Advice
  63. US court throws out landmark commodity trading crackdown
  64. Opposing view: Fast trades aid market quality
  65. Citigroup in $590m lawsuit settlement
  66. Apple expert: How shoppers mistook Samsung gear for ours
  67. Government regulations choking U.S. manufacturing output, report
  68. Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch looked like an Apple product to a majority of survey respondents
  69. Regulations a rising economic burden to manufacturers, report says
  70. Rules Reduce U.S. Manufacturing by $500 Billion: Study
  71. The Cost of Federal Rules on Manufacturing
  72. Apple: Steve Jobs confronted Samsung over Galaxy phone
  73. Apple Calls Last Set of Witnesses
  74. Apple Portrays Consumer Confusion Over Samsung Tablets
  75. Clock ticking for SEC to pursue fraud charges in financial crisis cases
  76. Number of Lawsuit Settlements Go Down
  77. US securities class-action settlements tumble
  78. NERA Releases Mid-Year 2012 Securities Litigation Report
  79. Number Of Securities Class Action Deals Fall In 2012
  80. Obama's Crackdown on Corporate America
  81. SEC Settlements With Individuals Surging in FY 2012
  82. SEC settlements with individuals rise in 2012
  83. FSA fines against individuals and firms higher than ever
  84. SEC Settlements with Individuals Rise in 2012
  85. SEC settling with more individual defendants
  86. U.S. SEC settlements with individuals on the rise
  87. Bear Stearns in $275 million shareholder settlement
  88. Morgan Stanley may sell part of commodities unit
  89. 4 years after Wall Street crash, regulation of financial markets still spotty
  90. Regulators to Ease a Rule on Derivatives Dealers
  91. SEC approves new rules for dealers of credit default swaps; regulators face challenge
  92. SEC looks to economists for legal cover
  93. Students Lack Understanding of Loans: Study
  94. Student Borrowers Lack Understanding of Loan Terms
  95. Australia Has Few Class Actions, Scale of Cases Concern
  96. Shareholder class actions keep rising
  97. Canadian Securities Class Action Lawsuit Filings Hit Record in 2011
  98. Class actions piling up
  99. SEC Hits Back at Court on Settlements
  100. Have investors had luck suing companies for their losses?
  101. MF Global puts harsh light on self-regulation
  102. Fees for Securities Class Action Lawyers Plummet
  103. Dodd-Frank foes on path to court
  104. FTC's Rosch Slams ACOs As Detrimental To Costs, Care
  105. Europe highlights urgency for new U.S. swaps rules
  106. Trading Rebates on Exchanges Should End
  107. Interview with James Overdahl on the Cost of Regulation
  108. Directors and officers lawsuits increase for midsize firms
  109. High-Frequency Trading Study Finds Impact on Trading Is Limited
  110. CFTC to CME (Again): Boost Compliance Staffing
  111. China's latest export -- Securities litigation
  112. Analysis: Bruised regulators brace for Dodd-Frank court fights
  113. NERA Report on German Gas Networks Cited in National Financial Newspaper
  114. Canada's reformed class-action law wins few friends
  115. Utah's nuclear power economics explored in panel discussion
  116. If Indian Point Closes, Plenty of Challenges
  117. Company Settlements With SEC Near Record Pace
  118. Clean Air Act: NERA Economic Consulting's Montgomery says EPA misleading public on economics of air rules
  119. SEC resolves fewer insider trading cases - study
  120. U.S. May Build Five New Nuclear Reactors by 2020, New Energy Finance Says
  121. TP Doctor: Dealing with intangibles and profit repatriation in China
  122. Lawmakers seek probe on CFTC swaps analysis
  123. Crisis-Related Lawsuits Show a Decline
  124. U.S. regulators likely to clear NYSE, D.Boerse deal
  125. CFTC 'position points' lack bite of hard limits
  126. Global Nuclear Power Developments: A Perspective from Ed Kee
  127. 'Flash crash' panel calls for US market overhaul
  128. The 10 Most Interesting Class-Action Articles of 2010
  129. Canada has 28 active securities class actions underway
  130. New regulatory and tax environment for Chinese representative offices
  131. NERA Releases Year-End 2010 Securities Class Action Litigation Study
  132. U.S. Shareholder Class Actions This Year May Top 2009
  133. U.S. SEC seeks better disclosure of litigation costs
  134. Il tribunale di Torino respinge il ricorso all'azione collettiva contro Intesa Sanpaolo; Il flop della rivoluzione class action (The Appeal Court of Torino rejects plaintiff's appeal in the class action against Intesa Sanpaolo ...)
  135. The Italian Class Action - More Stylish Than in the US?
  136. Time to review the company's insurance plan
  137. Punishing Citi, or Its Shareholders?
  138. Some fear US financial reform may overwhelm CFTC
  139. US securities fraud suits drop, alleged losses up
  140. NERA Releases Mid-Year 2010 Securities Litigation Study
  141. Don't Prescribe Medieval Solutions
  142. The real world
  143. Federal Class Action Filings Plummet But Settlement Amounts Rise
  144. Metamorphosis of In-House Counsel Continues
  145. Dawning of a potent plaintiff
  146. NERA Expert Appointed to MarketAxess Board of Directors
  147. Growers want a monopoly, says Zespri
  148. Water sector's weighted average cost of capital hangs in the balance
  149. NERA Releases 2009 Securities Litigation Study
  150. ARS collapse giving rise to class-action lawsuits
  151. Here come the ARS lawsuits: Spike in class-action suits may be driven by recent auction-rate litigation
  152. Patents: The New Class Action Frontier?
  153. Utility mergers present special challenges, consultant says, and probably will keep it up
  154. Regulator Rules Out Split of KPN
  155. Are Options Backdating Lawsuits Settling Low?
  156. Let shareholders decide how to resolve disputes
  157. Luck Played Hand In Well Timed Options Grants: Study
  158. Litigation Shifts As Credit Crunch Deepens: Report
  159. Livid Investors Launch A Volley of Lawsuits
  160. Subprime Problems Boost Securities Class-Action Suits
  161. Recent Trends in Securities Class Actions
  162. NERA Releases Study on 'Recent Trends In Shareholder Class Action Litigation'
  163. Backdating, SAB 108, Fair Value Updates
  164. 7th Circuit says 'degree of success' irrelevant to attorney fees
  165. Little relief: Litigation costs rising as firms face fewer suits
  166. Securities Litigation Held Steady In 2007
  167. Complex Investments Spur Lawsuits in Europe
  168. Legal eagle grounded by own kickback schemes
  169. Class-Action Suits: The Number of Filings is Down...but the Cost of Settlements Sets a Record
  170. Are Options Backdating Cases Settling for Less?: A NERA Reprise
  171. Subprime Mess Drives Up Securities Suits: Report
  172. Study Finds Shift in Plaintiffs and Defendants in Credit Crisis Suits
  173. Expert Doubts Antitrust Claims Over Text Messaging
  174. Backdating settlements less than expected - study
  175. Turns out this backdating stuff ain't so black and white to the SEC. Now, about the business press...
  176. Higher benchmark for class actions
  177. Shareholder Class Action Settlements Hit Record Highs
  178. NERA Report Less Dire on Securities Class Action Filings
  179. Settling for Less? A Study in Backdating
  180. The Line in the Sand
  181. Carbon cost fears won't dent EU climate plan: analysts
  182. Securities class actions rising, report says
  183. Options Backdating: The Statistics of Luck
  184. NERA Releases Mid-Year 2007 Securities Class Action Study
  185. Companies Get Off Cheap In Options Cases: Study
  186. Subprime Mortgage Lending Primer
  187. Securities Suits Spike in 2007
  188. US Bailout Bill Leaves Pricing Questions Wide Open
  189. Smart meters may increase energy use
  190. UK spells out plans for carbon trading scheme for smaller businesses
  191. Independent Expert comes between BWS and PUC
  192. Gov't prepares for MVNO despite its consultants' report
  193. Shareholder Suits Peaking, But Subprime Claims Could Rise
  194. Australia exporters lambast Zespri
  195. Mobile phone resellers forced to take stock
  196. The Litigation Storm
  197. Asbestos Claims, Indemnity Payments Down: Report
  198. Subprime Suits Blur D&O Outlook
  199. EUB to rule on its own usefulness
  200. Trends: Subprime fallout could cost billions
  201. Releasing the Power of the Net
  202. Shareholder suits up, thanks to subprime
  203. US Congress takes aim at 'speculative' crude oil trades
  204. Utilise utility weakness
  205. 2009 Mid-Year Securities Litigation Reports are Out; Filings have Leveled Off
  206. A D&O Dilemma
  207. Washington Focused on Wrong Policy Issues, Say VON.x Attendees, As Panelists Debate
  208. Investor class-action lawsuits surge with subprime bust
  209. Attorneys Drop Fees in Shareholder Case Alleging Backdating
  210. Kiwifruit monopoly comes under fire
  211. From end to beginning
  212. NERA Director Óscar Arnedillo Comments on the Spanish Electricity Sector
  213. Companies seek extra liability protection
  214. Outlook for housing: Gloomy and likely to worsen
  215. NERA Expert Interviewed on Futures and Securities Regulation
  216. Lawsuits related to mortgage meltdown could spread beyond financial sector
  217. Zespri fights back
  218. NERA Releases Mid-Year 2009 Securities Litigation Study
  219. Has the Trend of Fewer Securities Lawsuits Ended?
  220. New Nuclear Plants Are on their Way, with Federal Help
  221. New shareholder class actions up sharply: Study
  222. NERA Releases Year-End Securities Litigation Report
  223. Has the Two-Year Lull in Securities Lawsuit Filings Ended?
  224. Mortgage Meltdown May Spawn More Suits; Insurers Eye Potential Exposures As Crisis Grows
  225. Securities Class Actions Growing in Canada: Report
  226. T&G moves on Zespri monopoly
  227. Class-Action Filings Grow
  228. Are MVNOs banding together?
  229. Class Action Settlements Past Their Peak
  230. Deflation posses a risk to water company debt covenants
  231. They're Back
  232. NERA Releases Credit Crisis Litigation Update
  233. Findings and additional comments from the authors of NERA's '2008 Trends in Securities Class Actions' report
  234. Where Is the Economics Behind Lucent v. Gateway et al.?
  235. Signs of Life: Securities Suits Rise