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NERA Economic Consulting Releases Semiannual Securities Class Action Trends Report: Class Actions Continue to Be Filed at Historical Levels; Number of Settlements Plummets, but Average Settlement Is Rising

24 July 2012

New York -- Securities class actions filed in US Federal court continue to be filed at their historical pace in the first half of 2012, but the number of settlements has dropped sharply, according to NERA Economic Consulting's new report, Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2012 Mid-Year Review.
Through the first half of the year, 116 class actions have been filed; the projected 2012 total of 232 class action filings is in line with the 224 filed in 2011 and the average of 217 class actions filed annually between 1996 and 2011.
While filings of class actions have maintained their historical levels, their composition has changed significantly. In 2011, NERA observed a wave of filings against Chinese domiciled companies. In the first half of 2012, cases involving Chinese companies have decreased considerably, with only 10 cases being filed, less than half the 2011 filing rate. Merger objection cases continue to be a major portion of total filings, as they have since 2010.

Number of Settlements Dropping, but Average Settlement Is Rising

Settlements of class actions in 2012 will be at their lowest level since 1999 if the current pace is maintained. Only 49 cases have settled in 2012 through June; the projected full-year total of 98 is down sharply from 128 in 2010 and 123 settlements in 2011.
Meanwhile, the average value of a securities class action settlement in the first half of 2012 was $71 million, up from the average value of $31 million last year. However, the 2012 average was heavily influenced by the $1.01 billion settlement in In Re American International Group, Inc. Securities Litigation, the fourth tranche of which obtained final approval earlier this year. Excluding the latter, the average settlement amount in the first half of 2012 was $41 million, still a substantial increase from last year’s $31 million.  The median settlement amount in the first six months of 2012 was $7.9 million, approximately the same as in 2011 and consistent with pre-credit crisis levels.
New Area of Analysis: Motions

This version of Trends includes a new area of analysis covering motions and their resolutions for class actions filed and settled in 2000 or later. The authors found that motions to dismiss had been filed in nearly 90% of the cases that settled, and motions for class certification had been filed in 42% of the cases that settled.
Additional Trends

NERA Securities Class Action Trends Report Series

NERA has been analyzing trends in securities class actions for more than 15 years. Two reports are published per year: a mid-year study and an annual review at year's end. This mid-year study was authored by NERA Senior Consultant Dr. Renzo Comolli, Vice President Dr. Ronald Miller, Senior Vice President Dr. John Montgomery, and Senior Consultant Svetlana Starykh and includes data on filings, dismissals, and settlements through 30 June 2012. For more details and to read the full report, visit: www.nera.com/recenttrends.

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