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Dr. W. David Montgomery

Senior Vice President

Washington, DC
tel: +1 202 466 9294
fax: +1 202 466 3605



PhD in economics, Harvard University
Fulbright Scholar, Cambridge University
BA in social studies, Wesleyan University


Dr. Montgomery is an expert on the economic issues associated with climate change policy, and testifies as an expert witness in state and federal courts on antitrust and damages cases dealing with petroleum and natural gas markets. His scholarly work is frequently published in peer-reviewed journals, and Congressional committees have requested his testimony on climate change, issues affecting oil and gas markets, and other energy market and environmental issues on numerous occasions. He advises clients on the strategic implications of changes in energy and environmental policies and energy markets.

Dr. Montgomery was formerly co-head of the Energy and Environment Practice at Charles River Associates. He also served as assistant director of the US Congressional Budget Office and deputy assistant secretary for policy in the US Department of Energy. He taught economics at the California Institute of Technology and Stanford University and was a senior fellow at Resources for the Future. Dr. Montgomery received the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists’ 2004 award for a "Publication of Enduring Quality" for his pioneering work on emission trading.