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Carina Chambarry


New York City
tel: +1 212 345 1098
fax: +1 212 345 4650



MBA in finance and venture capital, Univeristy of Chicago
MA in public policy, University of Michigan
BA in economics, University of Michigan


Ms. Chambarry has over ten years’ experience as an economist and consultant, specializing in the areas of antitrust and securities. She has significant experience working on antitrust issues within the healthcare arena and currently specializes in valuation issues within securities litigation cases.

Prior to joining NERA's Securities and Finance Practice in New York City, Ms. Chambarry worked as a consultant for Chicago-based Lexecon Inc., in their Healthcare Antitrust Practice. At Lexecon, she worked extensively with complex databases to address allegations of monopoly, collusion, and market misrepresentations. She has also served as a consultant to expert witnesses in numerous healthcare and securities litigation cases and has been deposed. She is the co-author of the article, "The Effect of Physician-Owned Surgicenters on Hospital Outpatient Surgery," which was published in Health Affairs, a policy journal that explores current health policy issues.

Ms. Chambarry obtained her MBA from the University of Chicago, with concentrations in finance and accounting. She received her BA in economics and her MA in public policy from the University of Michigan, where she was awarded the Rackham Graduate School Merit Scholarship.