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Dr. Renzo Comolli

Senior Consultant

New York City
tel: +1 212 345 6025
fax: +1 212 345 4650
tel: +39 06 488 8101
fax: +39 06 48 58 38



PhD, MPhil, and MA in economics, Yale University
MSc in economics, London School of Economics
BA in economics, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy


Dr. Comolli is an economist. His expertise includes valuation, finance, securities, and product liability estimation. He has provided economic analysis for dozens of expert reports and testimonies submitted to courts and regulatory authorities in the US, the UK, and Italy. He has also been independently retained as a consulting expert.

In valuation, his experience includes:

  • Valuation of companies and subsidiaries
  • Valuation of contracts and contract clauses
  • Estimation of damages for tortious interference with merger agreements
  • Estimation of commercial damages

In finance and securities, his experience includes:

  • Stock, bonds, convertible bonds, and other securities
  • Option valuation, including employee stock options
  • Financial contracts and credit derivatives
  • Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 claims: market efficiency, materiality, loss causation and damages
  • High-Frequency stock market data

In product liability, as well as related bankruptcy and insurance issues, his experience includes:

  • Estimation of liability connected to medical devices and asbestos
  • Insolvency and fraudulent conveyance
  • Insurance coverage and British solvent schemes of arrangement

Dr. Comolli received his PhD in economics from Yale University, where his research focused on statistical methods to estimate wage differentials and employment discrimination. While at Yale, he served as Teaching Fellow for Game Theory, Microeconomics, and American Economic History. His research in decision theory has appeared in the International Review of Economics and Business. His publications have been cited as authorities in legal briefs and academic articles. He has served as peer reviewer for academic journals and the National Science Foundation.