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Dr. Kent Van Liere

Senior Vice President

tel: +1 303 357 4782
fax: +1 303 357 4784
San Francisco
tel: +1 415 291 1010
fax: +1 415 291 1020



PhD and MA in sociology, Washington State University
BA in sociology, Hamline University


Dr. Van Liere is a Senior Vice President at NERA with expertise in statistics, sampling, survey research methods, risk assessment, and market research. He has testified at trial and in deposition on the application of statistical methods, sampling, questionnaire design, and the use of surveys in a range of cases.

Dr. Van Liere's litigation and project experience includes sampling, survey research, design of field protocols, and statistical analysis of large data files (i.e., claims, customers, transactions). Specific areas of work have included:

Mass Torts and Class Actions

  • Product Liability and Construction Defects: Analysis of statistical samples of products and product use to determine product performance issues, statistical evaluation of causes of product failures, and damages in product liability and construction defect class action litigation. Analysis of sales records to forecast total sales. Products have included a wide range of consumer and building products.
  • Representations and Omissions: Many class actions focus on misleading and deceptive information or omissions of information. Design and analysis of sampling plans and surveys to measure consumers' awareness of key documents or facts, reliance on representations, materiality of information for decisions, satisfaction with products, purchase processes, and analysis of choice behaviors in range of consumer and business products areas.
  • Asbestos and health-related claims: Estimation of future claims and claim costs arising from asbestos exposures including modeling future liability for purposes of setting financial reserves, analysis of large claim files, insurance allocations, and insurance buybacks.
  • Labor: Analysis of employment records, methods for sampling records or employees, and use of surveys for purposes of estimating key facts in labor class actions including time to complete activities, exempt/nonexempt activities, meal and rest break issues, and employment pools.

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark Infringement: Design, analysis, and critique of surveys used to measure consumer confusion, secondary meaning, and dilution in trademark infringement cases.
  • Copyright infringement: Analysis of the rates of infringing material in shared information through websites or other sharing medium.
  • Patent Infringement: Sample designs and surveys to establish rates at which infringing material exist in a population of products or unique use of features in product user populations.


  • Customer demand: Design and analysis of customer surveys to measure preferences for a wide range of product and rate offerings including pricing or rate options, incentive programs, information programs, and new service offerings.
  • Value of Service/Outage Costs: Design and analysis of value of service and outage cost studies based on surveys using lost profits and willingness to pay methodologies.
  • Evaluation of programs and services including customer satisfaction and program impacts.

Market Definition/Market Segmentation/New Products

  • Analysis of consumer choice and business decision making for purposes of measuring and evaluating market potential, market segmentation, strategy formulation, new product offerings, and customer retention/switching behavior in the areas of consumer household products, automobiles, lighting and building products, energy efficiency and solar products, telecommunications services, industrial products, and information and subscription services.

Dr. Van Liere has published a number of works regarding consumer choice, consumer attitudes, response to product and service reliability, as well as economic measurement of value of service. Dr. Van Liere has pioneered the application of survey sampling and survey methods to the measurement of customer, economic, and behavioral issues in the energy and natural resource fields. Dr. Van Liere has published articles in Social Forces, Environment and Behavior, Public Opinion Quarterly, and The Electricity Journal, and his work has also appeared as monographs published by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Prior to joining NERA, Dr. Van Liere served as President/CEO of Primen (an information services joint venture of the Electric Power Research Institute and the Gas Research Institute), a Senior Vice President of PHB/Hagler Bailly, and President of HBRS, Inc (a highly regarded survey research company). Early in his career, he was as tenured Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee, where he taught classes in statistics, sampling, survey methodology, organizations, and social psychology.