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Annie Lam


Los Angeles
tel: +1 213 346 3016
fax: +1 213 346 3030



MBA and BS, cum laude, in business administration, Pepperdine University


Ms. Lam received her MBA and her BS, cum laude, in business administration with a minor in economics from Pepperdine University. Since joining NERA in 1979, she has been involved in numerous energy-related and antitrust-related projects.

At NERA, Ms. Lam has also worked in the Health Care Practice, specializing in the economic analysis of public policy and litigation issues in health care markets. In particular, she has contributed to a variety of health care antitrust projects involving hospital mergers, damage calculations, monopoly pricing, and predatory practices. She has also worked on projects related to health care reform, as well as on cases involving class certification and liability matters in the pharmaceutical industry and the health care industry.

Prior to joining NERA, Ms. Lam was an Assistant Director for extension classes at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education. In this role, her tasks included budget management, class scheduling, and selection of adjunct faculty. She also served as part of the management team for program marketing and long-range program planning.