Regulatory Finance Practice


MSc in Economics & Finance, CEMFI

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Highly competent, smart people delivering high quality output.

On what clients say about us

A client said once that when they need a report with no surprises, that says exactly what they want to hear, they tend to engage some other consultant. But when what they need is robust and independent analysis to understand the true implications of a specific issue, they come to NERA. It makes me proud to be part of a firm that is known for its high standards and independence.

On why I chose economic consulting and NERA

After seven years of studying a wide range of economic theories and learning the tools used in economic analysis, I wanted to apply all I had learnt to solve "real-world" problems. I like to feel that I am constantly "exercising" my brain, so I wanted to work in an intellectually challenging environment. I was also looking for the "right" firm, a firm that could offer a dynamic environment for learning and growing professionally. Finally, working in a firm with a strong reputation in the market place, known by its professionalism and high standards, is also very important for me. That is why I chose NERA—it "ticked all the boxes."

On using financial markets knowledge to solve a wide range of problems

Knowing how financial markets work and the role of financial institutions within those markets are essential to understanding today's global economy. Most financial markets are global and integrated markets for which large amounts of information are available. This information summarizes the views and actions of a large number of informed market participants. Assessing the features of a specific market in order to better understand the information contained in market prices and other variables is a common type of analysis we do at NERA. Depending on the project, this analysis can be applied in very different contexts: from an event case study, assessing the impact of one specific piece of information on the price of an asset, to estimating the expected volatility in the price of a commodity.

At NERA, we put this knowledge to work every day. We are a firm of economists that answer our clients' questions by applying economic theory, microeconomic analysis, and a big dose of common sense and logical thinking to the specific challenges of the project.

On in-house training opportunities

NERA provides multiple opportunities for learning and developing new skills. We invite leading academics to speak and also organize a number of technical in-house and external courses throughout the year, including internal seminars, where colleagues present new techniques and approaches developed during project work. This is a great forum to learn from, but also a good opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions, and meet people from other practice areas.

On being involved in the recruitment process

I have had the opportunity to interview candidates and attend recruitment events, where I tell potential candidates what we do, and what my experience has been at NERA. This has been an interesting experience, as I have the opportunity to meet a lot of smart people, as curious and enthusiastic about what we do as I am. I also think it is extremely useful for prospective candidates to understand what life and work is like at NERA.

On the advice I’d give to a prospective employee

When you are considering joining a company, it's very important to think about your long-range career goals. What would you like to be doing in five or ten years? Then analyze the qualifications, professional experience, and skills you’ll need to get you there, and choose accordingly. Always be aware of opportunities to learn, and keep investing in yourself. And remember to enjoy the ride!