Antitrust and Competition Practice


PhD in applied econometrics, summa cum laude, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg Diplom Volkswirt

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Collegial, stimulating, challenging.

On choosing a career in economics

I grew up behind the Iron Curtain and was just 10 years old when the Berlin Wall fell. I could see the tremendous impact that transitioning from a socialist economy to a market economy had—almost immediately—on the people and the businesses around me. That’s when I began to realize that economic factors could really play a huge role in shaping people’s lives. This sparked my interest in studying economics and laid the foundation for my career in economic consulting today.

On choosing NERA

The more I learned about NERA, the more I wanted to work here. The colleagues I’ve met are fantastic. We have offices around the world, and we all work together. The Berlin office is especially great. It’s still evolving and developing its own style. People feel at home here.

On the transition from academia to consulting

When I started at NERA, I was surprised at the parallels I saw between working here and working in academia. As a consultant, you still read papers and books, write and publish articles, and discuss and present your work. Before entering the consultancy business, I had the impression that the work would be less precise or less transparent. It’s actually the opposite. In our business, your data has to be more than just precise—others have to be able to replicate your results. Colleagues at NERA are also very collaborative and open to sharing information with each other. This way of working has become the new gold standard for me.

On NERA’s culture of teamwork

At NERA, everyone is an integral part of the team, regardless of your age or title. You have opportunities to not only learn from top economists but to contribute your own knowledge to the team. If you have expertise on a specific issue, people will listen and be grateful to hear what you have to say, even if they’re 10 years older than you. You will be mentored by more experienced colleagues, but they will be also open to learning from you. I myself have learned a lot from my younger colleagues.  

On advice for prospective NERA employees

Never stop learning, and always try to keep the big picture in mind. It’s important to reflect on the impact that your work has on society and speak up for how you think things should be done. A work-life balance is also key—if you have interests outside of work, make time for them.