Senior Consultant
Antitrust and EEN Practices


PhD in Economics, Victoria University of Wellington

The NERA environment in ten words or less

No egos, intelligent, hard-working, motivated, friendly.

On falling in love with economics and consulting

In my final year of high school (or college, as we call it in New Zealand), I went to my first chemistry class, realized it wasn’t for me, and thought I’d give economics a whirl. I fell in love with the subject and haven’t looked back since. While I enjoy the academic work, I also wanted to make sure that I was doing something practical. Economic consulting is ideal for me because it requires me to stay up to date with all of the latest academic thinking, but then take it a step further and actually apply it to a real world situation.

On knowing I wanted to work for NERA

NERA has a global network of in-house experts. There's nothing like dropping an email to a world-renowned economist on a topic you're working on and knowing that you’ll have a fascinating and helpful dialogue with this expert who just happens to be your colleague! NERA also struck me as having a great sense of collegiality. Everyone gets along really well and people from different offices are always willing to share information.

On the broad range of work I do

Having worked on my thesis for an extended period of time prior to joining the firm, it was so refreshing to work on three different projects during my first week! I was thrown in at the deep end, but in a really good way, with lots of support and guidance. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects involving the economics of telecommunications, gas pipelines, electricity generation, postal networks, tax avoidance, hospitals, auctions, and agriculture.

One of the most interesting cases I’ve gotten to work on was a 2-to-1 merger of manufacturing firms. Normally, this is the kind of transaction that competition authorities would bar because it effectively creates a monopoly. However, we were able to demonstrate imports into New Zealand from Australia, as well as significant excess capacity from niche players, would place a significant constraint on the sole domestic producer. Therefore, even with only one major player, the market was effectively competitive.

On the advice I’d give a prospective employee

NERA is an organization where everyone’s opinions are encouraged and respected. If you are passionate about economics, then this is the place for you.