Dr. Chetan Sanghvi

Managing Director


Washington, DC
Tel: +1 202 466 9240
Fax: +1 202 466 3605

Email: chetan.sanghvi@nera.com
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PhD in economics, Rutgers University
BA in economics, Northwestern University


Dr. Sanghvi is an expert in industrial organization and antitrust economics, specializing in the analysis of liability and damages in competition and commercial litigation. He has evaluated the competitive impacts of numerous proposed corporate mergers in the US, Canada, and Europe and has extensive experience providing expert economic and statistical testimony in antitrust cases. Recently, Dr. Sanghvi has served as an expert economist in merger litigation on behalf of, as well as against, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). His expertise covers issues involving horizontal and vertical mergers; vertical restraints, including M.A.P. requirements, distribution, licensing, and after-market issues; pay-for-delay; collusion; and foreclosure and exclusion. Dr. Sanghvi also testifies in matters involving alleged trademark and patent infringement, breach of contract, and Lanham Act violations.

Dr. Sanghvi was previously with the FTC, where he was Economics Advisor to the office of Commissioner Brill, the testifying economics expert in numerous competition matters and the lead economist on major FTC litigations such as FTC v. Whole Foods. While at the FTC, he was also the lead economist on an inter-agency Presidential task force on pricing and competition in the oil industry and provided technical aid and training to the Competition Commission of India. His work at the FTC covered numerous industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, search engines and the internet, consumer and industrial products, entertainment, and retail services.

Dr. Sanghvi has taught graduate economic theory at New York University, and industrial organization, antitrust policy, and game theory at Johns Hopkins University, Rutgers University, and Trinity College (Hartford). He has refereed for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

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An Economic Analysis of the Criteria Used to Distinguish Direct Sellers from Pyramid ... Report By Dr. Chetan Sanghvi, Dr. Timothy Watts, Jennifer Cascone-Fauver, et al