Dr. Jordan Milev

Associate Director


New York City
Tel: +1 212 345 5516
Fax: +1 212 345 4650

Email: jordan.milev@nera.com
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PhD in economics, Yale University
MA and MPhil in economics, Yale University
BA in economics and mathematics, summa cum laude with Distinction in economics, Amherst College


Dr. Jordan Milev is an Associate Director in NERA's Securities and Finance Practice and NERA’s White Collar, Investigations and Enforcement Practice. He has been deposed as an expert witness in numerous matters and testified at trial in US federal court.

Throughout his career, he has been retained on numerous occasions by both plaintiffs and defendants and in both civil and criminal actions. His expertise includes economic analyses relevant to securities class actions, corporate internal investigations and regulatory actions, criminal securities fraud actions, shareholder activism disputes, private commercial litigation, and arbitrations. He assists clients at all stages of litigation, including mediation and trial.

Dr. Milev has extensive international experience. He has directed and supervised analyses in numerous cross-border enforcement actions, internal investigations, and litigation.

Dr. Milev’s recent work has involved securities lending, depository receipts, yield enhancement strategies, and analysis of trading strategies. Possessing a strong technical background, he also consults on issues related to bank litigation risk and on economic issues relating to biometric data privacy and cybersecurity.

Dr. Milev’s areas of expertise and prior experience span the following:

  • Internal Investigations, Regulatory Probes, and Enforcement Actions: Analysis of insider trading, materiality, and tipper's personal benefit; evaluation of trading strategies, including order routing, modifications, and cancellations; analysis of materiality of information to municipal issuers; securities lending; yield enhancement strategies; analysis of internal procedure compliance; and assistance with presenting findings to boards of directors and regulatory staff.
  • M&A Objections/Corporate Activism: Evaluation of shareholder activist proposals/arguments to assist corporate boards and in-house counsel; economic analysis of objections to M&A and tender offers.
  • Securities Class Actions/ERISA Litigation: Analysis of price impact, market efficiency, materiality, aggregate damages, and opt-out claims; calculation of ERISA aggregate damages using plan-level and participant-level data; predicted settlement estimation; settlement apportionment and distribution; assistance with economic analyses at mediation.
  • Insurance Disputes: Evaluation of settlement amount reasonableness; assisting company boards, in-house counsel, and insurance carriers with assessing exposure from existing, anticipated, and/or hypothetical litigation.
  • Civil Litigation/Arbitration: Commercial valuation and damages estimation; quantitative apportionment of liability; valuation of derivatives, structured products, and other complex financial instruments.

Dr. Milev is a frequent speaker and subject matter expert at industry and academic conferences and at events providing CLE credit to attorneys. He publishes and presents in the areas of covered bonds and fixed income securities, securities litigation trends, the quantitative analysis of settlements, litigation insurance coverage, and assessing economic exposure and materiality in cybersecurity and data breach cases. He is also a co-author of the chapter “Introduction to Covered Bonds” in The Handbook of Mortgage-Backed Securities (Frank J. Fabozzi, ed., 2016).

Dr. Milev holds a PhD in economics from Yale University. His doctoral dissertation used artificial intelligence techniques to develop an automated computer learning system for the analysis of big data sets of stock price reactions to earnings announcements. He has taught microeconomics and econometrics courses at Yale University. He holds a BA in economics and mathematics, summa cum laude, with distinction in economics, from Amherst College.



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