Dr. William Baker

Affiliated Consultant


Tel: +44 20 7659 8520
Fax: +44 20 7659 8501

Email: bill.baker.affiliate@nera.com
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PhD in resource economics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
(doctoral studies concerned the derivation of inter-temporally consistent strategies under uncertainty and irreversibility, as applied to the case of depletion of non-renewable resources)
MS and BS in operational research, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Post-graduate diploma in economics, University of Otago, New Zealand


Dr. Baker (Bill Baker) specializes in the economic and financial analysis of regulatory and privatization issues in network industries and leads NERA's Water Practice. Since joining NERA in 1989, Dr. Baker has worked closely with many clients, in many countries, to successfully complete projects ranging across sector reform, introduction of competition, development of regulatory frameworks, privatization by sale and by concession, price control mechanisms, cost and tariff studies, demand and willingness-to-pay analysis, financial modeling, and cost of capital studies.

Title Type Author
How Should the Appropriate Horizon for Integrated Water Resource Planning be Ascertai... Report By Dr. Bill Baker, James Grayburn, and Adriana Linares
Use of Inflation Indices in Water Sector Report By Dr. Richard Hern, Dr. Bill Baker and James Grayburn
A Cross-Sector and Cross-Country Review of Approaches to Transitioning to Markets Report By Bill Baker, Daniel Radov, Adil Hanif, Tobie Cusson, Kevin Counsell, Wayne Olson and Harry Fearnehough
Environment Agency: Water Resources Management Planning -- Real Options Analysis White Paper By Dr. William Baker, Thomas Ash, and Nanthawit Sukthaworn with Dr. Gregory Hamm
Financial Implications of Competition Models -- Water UK Report By Dr. William Baker, Dr. Richard Hern, Tomas Haug, Domink Huebler, and James Grayburn
The Line in the Sand: The Shifting Boundary Between Markets and Regulation in Network... Book Edited by Dr. Sarah Voll and Mike King
Financial and Strategic Review of Northern Ireland Water Service Report By Dr. William Baker and Dr. Richard Hern
Estimating Opex and Capex Efficiency: A Final Report for Water UK Report By Dr. Bill Baker and James Grayburn, et al.
Use of Financial Ratios in K-setting - An Update Report By Dr. William Baker and Dr. Richard Hern
X-Setting in Water Price Cap Reviews Brief By Dr. William Baker with Brian Williamson and Helen Lay Jung