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MSc in economics, University College, London
Diplôme d’Ingénieur, Ecole nationale supérieure du pétrole et des moteurs (ENSPM), Paris
BA (Hons.), Oxford University


Mr. Gammons is a Director for NERA's European Energy Group and specializes in economic and valuation issues in the power and gas industries. In his advisory work, Mr. Gammons specializes in market analysis and regulation for corporate and government clients. In the past several years, he has led a large number of due diligence and valuation exercises in support of acquisitions, greenfield investments, and financings in the UK, Europe, and Asia, covering both the deregulated and regulated segments of the power and gas industries. His other past advisory assignments have spanned regulatory issues in market design and network regulation, risk management, fair market value assessments for tax reporting, and cost-benefit studies of policy or institutional rule changes. Mr. Gammons has prepared expert testimony in a range of commercial arbitrations, litigation cases, and regulatory appeals. These cases have involved contractual disputes, antitrust matters, tariff cases, and commercial damages in countries such as the UK, Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Hungary, and Singapore.



Title Type Author
The UK Energy Market Investigation: A Desperate Search for Evidence of a Lack of Comp... Published Article By Dr. Frank P. Maier-Rigaud, Sean Gammons, and George Anstey
Tantalus and Other Myths of the British Energy Market Brief By Sean Gammons, Prof. Dr. Frank Maier-Rigaud, and George Anstey
Review of the Impact of the Carbon Price Floor on the GB Electricity Market Study By Sean Gammons, Dr. Mauricio Bermudez-Neubauer, and Daniel Radov
NERA Reports for RWE npower Related to Project TransmiT Report By Sean Gammons and Richard Druce in collaboration with a team from Imperial College London
Project TransmiT: Modelling the Impact of 'Improved ICRP' Report By Sean Gammons and Richard Druce with Imperial College London
Understanding the Balancing Challenge Report By Sean Gammons and Richard Druce with Goran Strbac, Marko Aunedi, Danny Pudjianto, and Predrag Djapic of Imperial College London
Project TransmiT: Ofgem's Assessment of Options for Change Report By Sean Gammons and Richard Druce
Locational Transmission Charging in Decarbonized Power Markets Brief By Sean Gammons and Richard Druce with Professor Goran Strbac of Imperial College, London
Project TransmiT: Impact of Uniform Generation TNUoS Report By Sean Gammons, Richard Druce, and Robin Brejnholt with Professor Goran Strbac, Christos Konstantinidis, Danny Pudjianto, and Rodrigo Moreno of Imperial College London
Electricity Market Reform: Assessment of a Capacity Payment Mechanism Report By Graham Shuttleworth, Sean Gammons, Vakhtang Kvekvetsia, Richard Druce, and Robin Brejnholt