Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society's Online Program: The Best of NERA 2007

31 July 2007
Hosted By: the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society

Three economists from NERA's Securities and Finance Practice participated in a live audiocast, hosted by the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society on 31 July 2007, in order to discuss recent NERA work. Senior Vice President Dr. Patrick Conroy examined the 2006 criminal trials against New York Stock Exchange specialists, focusing on the design of computer algorithms to identify violations in trading data, and criticism of these algorithms as presented by the defense. Senior Vice President Dr. Robert Mackay discussed commodity market manipulation and the analytical techniques financial economists can use to examine manipulation. Finally, Vice President Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska discussed compliance protocols to better manage the regulatory and legal risks associated with investigations of market manipulation. The program was moderated by Professor Lawrence E. Mitchell, Theodore Rinehart Professor of Business Law, The George Washington University Law School.

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