Antitrust and Intellectual Property Economics and Litigation in China

Washington, DC and San Francisco
16 April 2009
Hosted By: NERA Economic Consulting

US companies operating in China need counsel that is current with China's Antimonopoly Law (AML) and intellectual property (IP) laws, and the manner in which they are being enforced.

As part of its series of seminars for counsel on the application of economic analysis to emerging issues in the areas of antitrust and IP rights, NERA presented this panel addressing the development of antitrust and IP laws and litigation in the People's Republic of China. NERA is actively involved with these issues in China and the US.

This seminar presented an overview of the unique aspects of the Chinese economy that are relevant for understanding the antitrust and IP situations in China, followed by an analysis of recent developments in China's AML, with a focus on the recent InBev/Anheuser-Busch merger. The seminar also examined trends in IP litigation and damages in China, including findings in a paper by Dr. Cox entitled Intellectual Property Rights Protection in China: Trends in Litigation and Economic Damages.

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