Utility Rate Case Issues & Strategies 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada
05 February 2009
Hosted By: Law Seminars International

Three NERA experts -- Senior Vice President and Environment Group Head Dr. David Harrison, Senior Vice President Dr. Jeff D. Makholm, and Vice President Amparo Nieto -- participated in this two-day Law Seminars International conference in Las Vegas on 5-6 February 2009. On the first day, Dr. Makholm took part in a session entitled "Cost Recovery for Transmission," in which he discussed various cost recovery mechanism options and where each approach works best. On the second day, Dr. Harrison participated in a session on "Carbon Emissions and Ratemaking." He discussed carbon policies (focusing on greenhouse gas (GHG) cap-and-trade programs but including related renewable and energy efficiency programs), the major design issues involved in a cap-and-trade program, and how the presence of a federal GHG cap-and-trade program could affect electricity companies. Also on the second day, Ms. Nieto presented "Achieving Efficient Demand Response Through Electricity Rate Options." Her presentation focused on utility pricing options that maximize the value of smart metering. She discussed methods to improve the designs of Critical Peak Pricing, Peak Time Rebates, and Real Time Pricing, examining their cost basis and links to wholesale energy and capacity markets. She also addressed the key implications of mandatory versus voluntary rates.

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