Antitrust Section Symposium on Innovation

Palo Alto, California
20 May 2010
Hosted By: the ABA Antitrust Section and Stanford University

The ABA Section of Antitrust Law and Stanford Law School assembled leading scholars, current and former enforcement officials, and antitrust practitioners to examine the role of antitrust policy in fostering innovation for this event held on 20-21 May 2010 at Stanford University Law School. The conference placed particular focus on discussion and analysis of the extent to which competition policy affects the direction and rate of innovation, and the ways in which current antitrust policies in the United States and other jurisdictions are likely to further or hinder the widely-accepted policy goal of encouraging innovation and dynamic competition. NERA Special Consultant Dr. Richard Rapp served as one of three co-chairs for the event, and chaired a panel titled "Innovation Policy and Economics: What Drives Innovation." Senior Vice President Dr. Lauren Stiroh presented a paper entitled "The Effect of IP Licensing Practices on Innovation," in a panel on Unilateral Conduct, Licensing, and Innovation.

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