Marginal Cost Working Group Spring 2010 Meeting

Chicago, Illinois
19 April 2010
Hosted By: NERA Economic Consulting

NERA's Marginal Cost Working Group (MCWG) provides an invaluable opportunity for individuals from member electric and gas utilities to convene two times per year to share research and ideas on utility costing, pricing, renewable resources planning, smart grid pilot projects, and regulatory reform. Membership in MCWG is especially useful as the industry addresses the need for improved energy efficiency through smart grid technology and demand-response mechanisms. These gatherings create a forum for discussion, allowing members to exchange information and keep pace with industry developments from around the globe. Hundreds of utility staff members from dozens of companies have participated in the MCWG since 1982.

Directed by NERA Vice President Amparo Nieto, MCWG meets twice a year. The agenda for the Spring 2010 meeting included the following topics:
  • Wind Integration Studies
  • Alternative Rates Valuation
  • Conservation and Demand Management Program
  • Smart Grid Pilot Update
  • Rate Case Results
  • Electric Vehicle Economics
  • Critical Peak Pricing
  • Critique of "Feebate" Rate Structure
  • Performance-based Regulation on Electricity Distribution
  • Results of Summer Peak TOU Rate Pilot
  • Feed-in tariffs and Net Metering
  • Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Strategies for TOU rates and Smart Metering Infrastructure

Utilities interested in membership are encouraged to contact us for an invitation to attend upcoming MCWG conferences. For more information, please refer to the MCWG brochure, located in the right-hand column of this page.

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