The Sixth Annual National Conference on Today's Electric Utility Rate Cases

Las Vegas, Nevada
11 February 2010
Hosted By: Law Seminars International

New state and federal policies on renewable resource standards, greenhouse gas regulation, and transmission will have impacts beyond state boundaries. Consequently, the cost of complying with one jurisdiction's policies are affecting the cost of service in other jurisdictions, which creates a serious challenge to the traditional regulatory contract. In light of these challenges and policy changes, a group of industry experts convened at this Law Seminars International in Las Vegas on 11-12 February 2010 to address how these issues are affecting cost recovery and the rate case process. NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Jeff D. Makholm delivered a presentation entitled "Windmills and Wires: FERC Rate Cases, Transmission Cost Allocation, and Renewable Power Development." Dr. Makholm discussed a range of timely topics, including recent developments at the FERC and in the Courts, the latest updates on transmission development, and the debate over which kind of transmission expansion will foster renewable power development.

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