Labor Law Hot Topics: Wage & Hour Issues Explored

25 January 2011
Hosted By: Knowledge Congress

2010 saw a torrent of regulatory changes that have affected nearly all aspects of corporate life. In addition, the federal government appears to be going beyond issuing new regulations and legislating by interpreting the existing regulations. One such area where this is apparent is in labor law. Recent Department of Labor (DOL) enforcement efforts have centered on new interpretations of the existing regulations vs. the new ones. Evidence of this can be seen in a recent Amicus brief filed by the DOL, which said that pharmaceuticals companies misclassified some of their employees and owed them overtime retroactively. These types of interpretations of the wage and hour statutes and subsequent enforcement actions could have big ramifications for all companies. To address these issues, Knowledge Congress hosted a two-hour live webcast on 25 January 2011. NERA Vice President Dr. Alex Grecu delivered a presentation on a number of topics, including the use of descriptive statistics to show variability among purported class members, the use of statistical and econometric tests of the individualized behaviors, and the use of statistics to derive results consistent with the exertion of discretion by individual employees.

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