The Lifecycle of a US 'Class Action' Lawsuit: What Chinese Companies Need to Know

Beijing, China
01 November 2011
Hosted By: Marsh

According to data from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Chinese companies now represent the majority of securities class action lawsuits filed against foreign-domiciled companies. In fact, NERA's most recent report on trends in US securities class actions found that, in the first half of 2011, 27 suits were filed against companies domiciled in China, representing 60% of all suits filed against foreign-domiciled companies. More recent data indicate that, by the end of September, there were 31 filings in US Federal Court against Chinese companies. This trend is particularly worrying for the Chinese companies involved, as such class actions are unfamiliar but a business reality when dealing with the US. With this in mind, NERA sister company Marsh hosted a seminar in Beijing on 1 November 2011 that examined the lifecycle of a securities class action lawsuit. Senior Vice President Dr. Alan Cox, a member of NERA's Global Securities and Finance Practice, participated in a series of presentations on this topic, focusing specifically on the settlement phase of class action lawsuits. 
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