19th Annual Advanced ALI CLE Course of Study and Video Webcast: Current Developments in Employment Law

Santa Fe, New Mexico
26 July 2012
Hosted By: ALI CLE

This three-day ALI CLE course, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico and via video webcast on 26-28 July 2012, addressed the latest developments, strategies, and tactics in US employment law. NERA Vice President Dr. Alex Grecu participated in two panel discussions: "Hot Topics in Federal and State Wage and Hour Litigation" and "Class Actions After Dukes." The panels addressed a number of issues, including the continuing impact of Dukes v. Wal-Mart on 216(b) collective actions and class actions; the role of witness experts at class certification stage; issue certifications; the latest statistics on wage and hour class action settlements; the Supreme Court's decision in Christopher v. SmithKline Beecham regarding the outside sales exemption for pharmaceutical sales reps and deference to DOL opinions; and Concepcion's impact on 216(b) collective actions and class actions.

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