Asia Pacific Transfer Pricing Summit 2012

29 October 2012
Hosted By: IBC and sponsored by NERA Economic Consulting

NERA is a proud sponsor of this global transfer pricing event, which is being hosted by IBC in Singapore on 29-31 October 2012. On 29 October, NERA Vice President Sébastien Gonnet and Special Consultant Pim Fris will lead a workshop demonstrating, through the use of practical case studies, how economic analysis helps with identifying and quantifying the value derived from Hong Kong- or Singapore-based operations (IP, services, people) in order to design an arm's length transfer pricing system in the region. On 30 October, Mr. Gonnet and Mr. Fris will deliver a presentation on location specific advantages (LSA) and recent developments in this field. Specifically, NERA will elaborate on how LSA analysis can help set arm's length levels of prices or margins in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and other emerging economies, notably in the absence of (local) comparable companies, and/or justify and defend the level of IP royalties charged, notably in the absence of (local) comparable license agreements.

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