Regulation of Gas Markets for Energy Regulatory Institutions & Energy Companies

Florence, Italy
26 March 2012
Hosted By: the Florence School of Regulation (FSR)

The Florence School of Regulation, a partnership between the European University Institute (EUI)/ Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) and the Council of the European Energy Regulators (CEER), held a specialized training course on the regulation of gas markets in Florence on 26-30 March 2012. The aim of this week-long course was for policy decision-makers, regulators, business managers, and researchers from different sectors and countries to discuss regulatory concepts, best practices, and new challenges and requirements. On 28 March, NERA Vice President Kurt Strunk led a 90-minute presentation and discussion of the regulatory framework governing US gas markets and of salient differences between the regulatory approaches taken in Europe and the US.

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