Antitrust and Intellectual Property Conference

Stanford, California
10 October 2013
Hosted By: the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Antitrust Law in conjunction with Stanford Law School and the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law

Industry experts convened in Stanford, California on 10 October 2013 to explore the key issues and risks related to patent aggregation, standard essential patents, and other issues inherent in the enforcement of intellectual property rights. NERA President Dr. Lawrence Wu, an expert in the economics of antitrust and intellectual property, joined a panel discussion entitled "Patent Pools Face New Antitrust Threats." Patent pools can enhance welfare when they enable the sharing of complementary intellectual property, but they continue to pose serious and complex antitrust challenges. Dr. Wu and his co-panelists analyzed how best to navigate these potentially dangerous waters and examined topics such as the antitrust issues that arise when rivals in pools respond to patent-assertion entities, the circumstances under which patent pools can confer market power on a group or single entity, and the competitive issues that are likely to arise from the increasing use of patent pools.

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