IP Strategy Summit: Enforcement

Washington, DC
29 May 2013
Hosted By: iGlobal Forum

This conference, held in Washington, DC on 29-30 May 2013, discussed trends in intellectual property enforcement strategies by operating companies, universities, and patent assertion entities (PAEs). NERA Vice President Dr. David Blackburn moderated a panel entitled "Standard Essential Patents (SEPS) and Your Enforcement Strategy." The panel members included Paul Michel, the retired Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit, Dr. Alan Cox, Senior Vice President and Chair of NERA's Intellectual Property Practice, and Laura Beth Miller, Shareholder, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lion LLP. The panelists discussed the current SEPs landscape in light of recent disputes among smartphone technology owners, the recent RAND decision in the Microsoft v. Motorola case, and trends in both federal courts and the US International Trade Commission.  Dr. Cox also participated on a panel entitled "International Enforcement: Globalization and Your IP," which covered intellectual property enforcement issues in China, India, and Europe.

NERA is a sponsor of IP Strategy Summit: Enforcement.

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