First Annual Federal Enforcement Forum

04 November 2014
Hosted By: Dorsey & Whitney

On 4 November 2014, NERA Senior Consultant Raymund Wong will participate in a video webcast hosted by Dorsey & Whitney that will feature three expert panels on recent US federal regulatory agency initiatives. Mr. Wong, an economist in NERA's Global Securities and Finance Practice, will join the panel on the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Financial Fraud Task Force. Bringing major financial fraud actions against issuers and their top executives has long been an SEC enforcement priority. While that waned during the financial crisis, the SEC is now poised with a new "Big Data" approach to launch financial fraud investigations and actions targeted against corporate America and senior executives. The panelists will discuss the traditional SEC approach to these cases and how it will be combined with "Big Data," and provide advice to companies on effective compliance steps.

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