Caring with Data

London, UK
15 December 2015
Hosted By: Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)

The English National Health Service (NHS) is facing challenging times, both financially and clinically. It is clear that the NHS has significant scope to improve, but all too often opportunities to improve are not considered in a local context. This approach almost always fails to deliver, not least because it utilises a fraction of the value in the reams of data collected by the NHS.

Turning big data into information offers the opportunity to fundamentally change care to improve value. Analysing patient journeys through the health system at a very detailed level can help to identify areas for improvement by supporting the development of predictive modelling to help target scarce resources, such as clinician’s time.

In this online workshop, NERA Director Edward Bramley-Harker and Associate Director George Batchelor will join Valerie Bartlett, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Strategy and Transformation, Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, to discuss the hospital’s recent work with NERA. The assignment involved systematically analysing longitudinal patient-level data to identify performance and quality improvement opportunities. In taking a data- and evidence-led approach at this granular level, the project was able to activate the clinical community.

The workshop, open to all HFMA members, will explore how an individual’s experience in hospital seen through their data can help identify opportunities for change, and how simulation modelling can bring this change to fruition. The session will also touch on how Ashford Hospital is progressing with full end-to-end analysis and implementation following this project.

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