Spring 2015 Marsh & McLennan/NERA Economic Consulting Lecture Series on Current Economic Events: Ending Too Big to Fail

Washington, DC
14 April 2015
Hosted By: NERA Economic Consulting and Marsh & McLennan Companies

NERA Economic Consulting and its parent company, Marsh & McLennan Companies, co-sponsor a series of lectures on current economic events organized by The George Washington University's Department of Economics. The sponsorship of the lecture series showcases Marsh & McLennan Companies and NERA's commitment to highlighting the importance and impact of economics in business and regulatory environments.

The Spring 2015 Marsh & McLennan/NERA Economic Consulting Lecture Series on Current Economic Events will feature the Honorable Sheila C. Bair, 19th Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Ms. Bair’s lecture, entitled “Too Big to Fail,” will cover:

  • The doctrine of too big to fail and how it distorts resource allocation and leads to excessive risk taking;
  • How Dodd-Frank seeks to end too big to fail? by giving the FDIC the authority to resolve large, failing institutions using its bankruptcy-like resolution process;
  • How resolution authority works and the strategies and tools that the FDIC can use to break up and sell off large, financial firms;
  • How new requirements for large financial entities to devise their own living will or break-up plans will facilitate their orderly resolution;
  • The role of higher capital and liquidity standards in reducing the risk of large bank failures and the impact of those rules in promoting financial stability and credit availability;
  • Tax code reforms that could further promote more stable financial institutions.

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