Antitrust Policy for a New Administration

Washington, DC
26 January 2016
Hosted By: The Heritage Foundation

This conference will examine what United States antitrust policy will look like under a new administration. The expert faculty, comprising former top officials from the two leading federal antitrust agencies—the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ)—will discuss international antitrust issues as well as reforms to improve current antitrust policy. NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Jeffrey A. Eisenach, Co-Chair of the Communications, Media, and Internet Practice and former Chief of Staff to FTC Chairman Miller, will moderate the FTC panel, which includes Susan Creighton, former Director, Bureau of Competition, FTC; William (Bill) Blumenthal, former FTC General Counsel; and Joshua Wright, former Commissioner, FTC. The panel will address a variety of topics and the agenda for the next administration, including the need for overlapping jurisdiction between the FTC and the DOJ, and the continuing evolution of antitrust doctrine in high-tech industries.

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