NERA Announces Officer-Level Promotions

01 August 2013

New York -- NERA Economic Consulting, a leading global provider of economic advice and analysis in business, legal, and regulatory matters, today announced that Christopher Laursen has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Dr. Juan Carlos Ortigas has been promoted to Associate Director, and Dr. Alex Grecu and Amparo Nieto have been promoted to Vice President.

Mr. Laursen is a leading expert in financial products, markets, risk management, and financial regulation with over 20 years of professional experience. His engagements have dealt with products including structured finance, structured notes, corporate bonds, government bonds, bank loans, derivative contracts, mutual funds, deposit accounts, pension funds, private equity, and hedge funds.  He has opined on market and product-specific risks, valuation, damages, regulatory compliance, and financial industry standards and practice. Prior to joining NERA in 2009, Mr. Laursen served as Manager of Risk Policy and Guidance for the Federal Reserve Board.  He holds an MBA with a concentration in finance from the Wharton School and a BA in finance from the University of Miami.

Since joining NERA in 2001, Dr. Ortigas has been advising energy companies on regulatory issues and their strategy in the European markets. He is based in Madrid and also specializes in advising energy companies on the design of remuneration schemes for regulated activities, on renewable tariffs and renewable production integration in the electricity system, and on long-term supply gas contracts disputes.  He has practiced as an independent expert before the Spanish Highest Court and before the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Prior to joining NERA, Dr. Ortigas worked for Red Eléctrica de España (REE), the Spanish transmission network operator, where he was responsible for analyzing the international experience of transmission regulation, tariffs, and electricity systems restructuring. He holds a PhD in economics from the Université de Droit, d'Economie et de Sciences Sociales de Paris.

Based in New York City, Dr. Grecu specializes in labor litigation and consulting. He has provided attorneys with economic and statistical analyses in numerous class action matters involving allegations of gender, race, national origin, and age discrimination in pay and promotions, as well as FLSA and state wage and hour regulations. He has experience in compliance reviews with government labor regulations, self-reviews of employment practices, and adverse impact analyses of workforce reductions. He has also applied his knowledge of econometrics and statistics to build models to analyze allegations of options backdating, infringement of intellectual property, and various antitrust violations. In addition, Dr. Grecu has helped to assess economic losses stemming from alleged employment discrimination, wrongful terminations, breach of contract, and fraud. Dr. Grecu holds a PhD in applied economics from Clemson University, and an ABD and BS in political economy from Babes-Bolyai University in Romania.

Ms. Nieto is an economist based in Los Angeles with over 17 years of experience in energy industry regulation. She is an expert in electricity wholesale energy and capacity markets, electricity network pricing, regulatory rate reviews, and cost modeling. She has advised utilities and regulatory commissions around the world on regulatory policy and industry restructuring issues including: power auction design; generation capacity market reforms; review of transmission pricing; energy tariff reforms; marginal and avoided cost studies; cost-effective analysis of demand-response programs; and design of regulatory mechanisms to support investment in renewable resources. Ms. Nieto has presented numerous papers on energy regulatory matters at energy industry forums and is Director of the NERA-sponsored Marginal Cost Working Group, which is attended by regulatory and rate managers at major energy utilities from the US and Canada to address on-going energy sector regulatory reforms. She has presented position papers on behalf of clients, which have been filed as part of regulatory proceedings. Ms. Nieto holds an MA, with Honors, in economic analysis from the Fiscal Studies Institute in Madrid, Spain.

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