NERA's Energy Practice is at the forefront of the continuing transformation of the energy industries worldwide. We have pioneered in developing approaches for introducing competition in segments such as power generation and gas supply where competition is workable and for improving the regulation of sectors where it is not. We work with companies, governmental bodies, and regulators worldwide to design competitive gas and electricity markets and to develop tariffs and rules of access for regulated transmission and distribution systems for electricity, gas, and the transport of oil and oil products.

With industry restructuring in many countries, we also help companies develop strategies for exploring new opportunities and minimizing new risks, including issues related to climate change and other environmental initiatives. We help our clients to develop new regulatory strategies and, when needed, support our clients with analysis and testimony before regulatory commissions, antitrust and competition policy agencies, and domestic and international courts.

Our economists help clients to decide which lines of business to pursue; to divest assets no longer consistent with their strategy; to identify and evaluate opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, and investment; and to develop bidding, trading, contracting, and marketing organizations and strategies. Our work also includes designing and conducting energy auctions, as well as providing strategy and valuation advice on mergers and acquisitions, the financing of energy companies, and the financial restructuring of distressed companies.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Sandra Ringelstetter Ennis Chief Operating Officer Chicago +1 312 573 2823
Oscar Arnedillo Director Madrid +34 91 521 0020
Sean Gammons Director London
+44 20 7659 8564
+49 30 700 1506 01
Dr. Glenn R. George Senior Vice President Washington, DC +1 202 466 9284
Dr. David Harrison Jr. Senior Vice President
Co-Chair, Environment Practice
Boston +1 617 927 4512
Dr. Richard Hern Director London
+44 20 7659 8582
+49 30 700 1506 01
Dr. Chantale LaCasse Senior Vice President
Energy, Environment, and Network Industries Practice Chair
Washington, DC
+1 202 466 9218
+1 416 868 7314
Dr. Frank P. Maier-Rigaud Director
Head of Competition Economics Europe
+49 30 700 1506 80
+32 2 674 8818
+33 1 45 02 30 00
Dr. Jeff D. Makholm Senior Vice President Boston +1 617 927 4540
Richard Marsden Senior Vice President New York City
+1 212 345 3000
+44 20 7659 8618
Title Type Author
Choose your path: the future for Australia’s gas market Published Article By Dr. Jeff D. Makholm
El Niño’s Uneven Disruption of World’s Electricity Systems Published Article By Dr. Jeff D. Makholm
Modelling the Impact of Zonal Transmission Loss Multipliers Report Sean Gammons and Richard Druce
NERA Expert Direct Testimony In the Matter of the Application of Otter Tail Power Com... Testimony By Amparo Nieto
UK Renewable Subsidies and Whole System Costs Report By Daniel Radov and Alon Carmel
Potential Electricity and Energy Price Outcomes under EPA’s Federal Plan Alternatives... Report By Dr. David Harrison Jr., Dr. Anne E. Smith, Scott Bloomberg, Dr. Sugandha D. Tuladhar, Dr. Elizabeth Walker, and Preston White
Why Does Most Shale Gas Worldwide Remain in the Ground? Published Article By Dr. Jeff D. Makholm
Pipeline Capacity Rights to Support a Competitive Gas Market:Theory and Applications Report By Dr. Jeff D. Makholm and Nina Hitchins
Technical Comments on the Social Cost of Methane As Used in the Regulatory Impact Ana... Report By Dr. Anne Smith, Dr. Sugandha Tuladhar, and Scott Bloomberg
Generators’ Appetite to Finance Pipeline Capacity: New England and South Australia Published Article By Nina Hitchins and Gabrielle Maguire