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Financial Regulation and Reform

Financial services firms are operating in a dramatically different regulatory environment than they did only a few years ago, and that environment continues to change and evolve. The legislative response to the 2008 financial crisis has spurred reforms such as the as Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in the US, the Vickers Report in the UK, and the Basel III reforms in Europe. These actions have fundamentally altered the breadth and scope of financial oversight around the world. New regulatory bodies including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have been created and existing agencies have had their powers expanded. The ultimate impact of the new regulations is still unclear, as rulemaking and implementation continue to move forward.

NERA's expertise and experience in the financial services field is unparalleled. Financial services firms rely on our experts as they navigate the new world of financial regulation -- from analysis of new rules to understanding and adapting to their business impact to compliance and potential dispute resolution. We bring to bear a thorough understanding of financial markets and the regulatory institutions that govern them, building on years of hands-on experience both advising leading financial institutions and holding senior positions at major global financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and top-tier universities. NERA's finance experts have held key positions at government agencies including the Federal Reserve Board, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and the President's Council of Economic Advisers. Many have held senior positions at some of the world's leading financial companies, including Barclays, Banque Paribas, Morgan Stanley, and CS First Boston. We also work frequently with outside industry and academic experts.

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Dr. Andrew Carron Chairman New York City +1 212 345 5407
Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska Vice President Washington, DC +1 202 466 9222
Dr. James Overdahl Affiliated Industry Expert Washington, DC +1 202 547 3035
Title Type Author
Finding the GAAP in FCPA Enforcement: Challenges in Identifying the Impact of Alleged... Working Paper By Raymund Wong and Dr. Jerry Arnold
Cost-Benefit Analysis of the CFTC's Proposed Swap Dealer Definition Report By Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska and Kurt Strunk
Will Court Short-Circuit Dodd-Frank? Published Article By Dr. James Overdahl with Dr. Jonathan Macey, Sam Harris Professor of Corporate Law at Yale University, and former NERA economist Dr. Elaine Buckberg
Trends in Regulatory Enforcement in UK Financial Markets Report By Robert Patton et al.
What Do the New Risk Retention Requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act Mean for Securitiza... Working Paper By Dr. Faten Sabry
Economic Analysis in the Federal Rule-Making Process to Implement the Dodd-Frank Wall... Working Paper By Dr. James Overdahl
De-Mystifying Interconnectedness: Assessing 'Too Interconnected to Fail' and the Fall... Report By Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska, Dr. Robert Mackay, and Dr. John Bovenzi of Oliver Wyman Group, et al.
Financial Disclosure and SFAS 157: Seeking Transparency in a Perfect Storm Published Article By Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska with former NERA Vice President Shuchi Satwah
The Fed's Expanding Playbook: Economists' Views Brief By Dr. John Montgomery with former NERA economist Dr. Elaine Buckberg
Where Was SOX? Published Article By Dr. Henry Butler with Professor Larry E. Ribstein, Mildred Van Voorhis Jones Chair in Law at the University of Illinois