Financial Regulation and Compliance Litigation At A Glance

Capabilities and Services

NERA is widely recognized as a leading firm in the economics of securities and finance. The members of our securities and financial services practice possess a thorough understanding of financial markets, regulatory processes, and valuation. As a pioneer in the field of asset valuation, NERA uses innovative models and techniques to measure value in real-world scenarios, including regulatory investigations, litigation, and impact analysis.

NERA also has strong economic expertise in regulatory design and assessment in the financial services sector. In the UK, NERA has worked extensively with the Financial Services Authority in the assessment of regulation of insurance, mortgages, financial advice, and capital adequacy. We also have expertise in the areas of securities market infrastructures, securities trading and research, and risk management.

NERA's expertise in valuation techniques and financial regulation leaves us ideally placed to support firms in all economic aspects of regulatory policy, including handling market abuse investigations, defending enforcement action, providing expert testimony, and quantifying regulatory impacts and risks.