Lasting Implications of Global Crisis: Firm Decisions and Transfer Pricing

Wed Mar 31 16:24:38 EDT 2010
By Amanda Pletz with former NERA Senior Consultant Artur J. Bonifaciuk

The recent credit crisis has spread well beyond the financial sector and has impacted companies in a variety of industries. High interest rates and illiquid credit markets have affected companies' short- and long-term business plans. Although the economy has improved significantly in recent months, funding ongoing business operations still requires more planning and often different approaches than companies may have typically employed in the past. The crisis has pushed many organizations into a challenging position and forced them to make major operational and strategic decisions, which in turn have created a number of implications for transfer pricing. In this article from Transfer Pricing International Journal, NERA Senior Consultant Amanda Pletz and former Senior Consultant Artur J. Bonifaciuk consider some of the lasting issues that multinational enterprises are likely to face in the context of the credit crisis with respect to intra-group financing options, and the repercussions for the area of transfer pricing.