NERA's Global Services and Capabilities (Chinese translation)

Mon Jun 28 16:24:38 EDT 2010
Capabilities and Services

With offices in Europe, Asia, Australia, and throughout North America, NERA's capabilities are well-matched to the demands of a global market. NERA's economic advice has shaped business, regulatory, and legal strategies around the world for nearly half a century.

Most projects at NERA require-and NERA professionals bring-a thorough understanding of markets to provide analysis, expert testimony, and regulatory insight in complex litigation, regulation, and business situations. NERA professionals employ a combination of economic, accounting, statistics, and finance theory along with the latest quantitative techniques to go beyond mere recitation of abstract economic principles. We analyze all available evidence before presenting our findings and analyses in a clear, conclusive, and defensible manner. This rigorous and innovative approach to economic analysis reflects our passion for finding the right answer, no matter the circumstances.