Project TransmiT: Modelling the Impact of 'Improved ICRP'

Fri Oct 12 16:24:38 EDT 2012
By Sean Gammons and Richard Druce with Imperial College London

NERA Director Sean Gammons and Senior Consultant Richard Druce, in collaboration with a team from Imperial College London, have prepared a report for RWE npower to assess the economic case for introducing the “improved ICRP” electricity transmission charging model in Great Britain. The electricity market and transmission system modeling conducted for this assignment suggests that “improved ICRP” would lead to wasteful transmission investment, and increase costs to the consumer by around £16 billion over the period to 2030. Therefore, the modeling presented in this report does not support the introduction of the “improved ICRP” model as currently proposed.

Download the full report here, or a summary of the report here.