The Value of Intangibles in a Changing Global Financial Services Sector

Fri Oct 24 12:42:27 EDT 2014
By Dr. Emmanuel Llinares and Amanda Pletz

On 24 October 2014, NERA Director and Transfer Pricing Practice Chair Dr. Emmanuel Llinares and Senior Consultant Amanda Pletz delivered a presentation on the importance of intangibles in the financial services sector. Their presentation provided an overview of the OECD's Guidance on Transfer Pricing Aspects of Intangibles as part of its BEPS work, the application of transfer pricing to intangibles, the applicability of Comparable Uncontrolled Price (CUP/CUT), and the link between transfer pricing and asset valuation. Dr. Llinares and Ms. Pletz also presented a case study on IP valuation considering optionality clauses.