Recruiting Events in Europe

College/University Comments Date of Event
Barcelona School of Economics Consulting Day 21/10/2022
Barcelona School of Economics Alumni Talks Day 06/10/2022
Bocconi University Bocconi and Jobs Abroad 07/10/2022
Forum Trium Careers Fair 19/10/2022
Goethe University Frankfurt Dean's List Event: NERA Presentation 25/10/2022
Goethe University Frankfurt Dean’s List Event in Winter Term 2022 23/11/2022
London School of Economics Coffee Morning for Economic Consulting 19/10/2022
London School of Economics NERA Case Study 26/10/2022
London School of Economics MSc Alumni Networking Event 02/11/2022
Online NERA Recruitment Presentation and Q&A 15/11/2022
Online NERA Recruitment Presentation and Q&A 16/11/2022
Toulouse School of Economics Business Networking Day 24/11/2022
University College London Banking, Finance & Economics Fair 19/10/2022
University College London NERA Business Game Case Study 03/11/2022
University of Cambridge Consultancy Fair 12/10/2022
University of Cambridge NERA Recruitment Presentation 31/10/2022
University of Oxford Management Consultancy Fair 07/10/2022
University of Oxford NERA Recruitment Presentation 07/11/2022
University of Warwick Career in Economics 07/11/2022