Senior Vice President
New York & London
Securities & Finance Practice


MA, PhD in Economics, University of California, Berkeley

The NERA environment in ten words or less

Intellectually stimulating; lots of opportunities for curious, entrepreneurial thinkers.

On what makes me proud to work at NERA

Our reputation is based on providing objective advice and analysis. Our clients appreciate and value the quantitative nature of our approach. We provide them with a mix of practitioner expertise, academic knowledge, and regulatory experience, and the quality of our work stands the test of time. We are rigorous, innovative, and good at what we do.

On being mentored and mentoring

At NERA, you have access to senior staff who are experts in their fields from the moment you arrive at the firm. I had the privilege of working with the founder of the Securities & Finance practice, who quickly became an important mentor to me. He always led by example and provided valuable guidance about how to approach various economic analyses and how most effectively to work with clients—particularly under trying circumstances. He taught me all of this while emphasizing the highest levels of integrity, quality, and client service.

Now that I have my own group, it’s my turn to be responsible for others' growth and development. It is rewarding to be able to mentor in turn and to share my own experiences along the way.

On learning at work

No one learns in just one way. Our environment is open and collaborative, so discussions are constant. The people and the work are stimulating. We work with some very intelligent people who are the world’s top experts in their fields. On a daily basis, someone says something that makes me reexamine a premise. My group is filled with people who work hard, have a commitment to excellence, and have fun while doing very interesting work.

On getting involved with our newest employees

When one gets involved with NERA outside of one’s immediate responsibilities, there is the ability to help shape the firm. I have gone on campus recruiting visits to interview prospective employees, which is a rewarding way to share my knowledge of and enthusiasm about our company, and also to build our future by helping to select some of the best and brightest recruits. I have also delivered presentations about the Securities & Finance practice during orientation, which has given me the opportunity to interact with our most recent hires.

On the advice I’d give to a prospective colleague

Be inquisitive and driven. Intellectual curiosity coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit will help you thrive and succeed here.