ACCA 2007 National Training Institute

Austin, Texas
04 September 2007
Hosted By: the American Contract Compliance Association

The American Contract Compliance Association (ACCA), a non-profit national organization dedicated to ensuring equitable employment and contracting practices with public and private sector institutions, held its 21st annual national training institute in Austin, Texas on 4-9 September 2007. As part of the program, NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Jon Wainwright, who specializes in analyzing the effects of discrimination, delivered a presentation entitled "Conducting Legally Defensible Disparity Studies." Dr. Wainwright discussed the necessary steps required for conducting thorough and defensible disparity and availability studies, including how to identify appropriate data for collection, methods of data collection, the importance of collecting ample subcontractor data, and the pitfalls faced when data collection is not done properly. Dr. Wainwright's presentation also addressed the necessity of including research and analysis of private sector business in comprehensive disparity studies, as well as the cost of these types of studies.

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