Energy in the Southwest 2008

Santa Fe, New Mexico
21 July 2008
Hosted By: Law Seminars International

In light of new market developments and environmental issues, industry participants convened at this LSI conference in Santa Fe on 21-22 July 2008 to examine the new directions for energy in the southwestern United States. NERA Affiliated Consultant Mike King delivered a presentation entitled "How the Financial Markets View New Energy projects in the Southwest." Mr. King examined the overall environment for financing new projects, how financial markets view Southwest energy markets, and the financial status of new pulverized coal plants. In addition, Vice President Kurt Strunk delivered a presentation on the use of natural gas as a fuel. He discussed whether the leveling off of production in the San Juan and Permian supply basins will be replaced with new Rocky Mountain sources, how prospects for LNG imports will affect the marketplace, and the new pipelines and storage facilities that will be needed.

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