International Telecommunications Society 17th Biennial Conference

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
24 June 2008
Hosted By: the International Telecommunications Society (ITS)

The International Telecommunications Society (ITS) held its 17th biennial conference on 24-27 June 2008 to discuss this year's theme, "The Changing Structure of the Telecommunications Industry and the New Role for Regulation." NERA sponsored the conference and participated in the program. On 25 June, in a session on evolving market structure, Affiliated Consultant Dr. William Taylor delivered a presentation entitled "Intermodal Telecommunications Competition: Implications for Regulation." Later that day, Senior Vice President Christian Dippon, a member of the Finance Committee of the ITS Board of Directors, delivered a presentation entitled "Mobile Virtual Network Operators: Economic Assessment and Policy Framework" in a session on competition, regulation, and next generation networks. Mr. Dippon also chaired a session on broadband development on 26 June.

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