ACCA 2009 National Training Institute

Fort Worth, Texas
15 September 2009
Hosted By: the American Contract Compliance Association (ACCA)

The American Contract Compliance Association, a non-profit national organization dedicated to ensuring equitable employment and contracting practices with public and private sector institutions, held its 23rd annual national training institute in Fort Worth, Texas on 15-20 September 2009. The theme of this year's training conference was "Cowboys, Community, and Commerce: Spurring Diversity." As part of the program, NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Jon Wainwright, who specializes in analyzing the effects of discrimination, delivered a presentation entitled "The National Model Disparity and Availability Study Project: Designing an Effective Disparity Study." Dr. Wainwright discussed the scope of this project -- which NERA conducted for the National Academy of Sciences -- along with results from NERA's research. The project includes a comprehensive review of existing disparity studies and annual Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goal-setting methods currently in effect at all 50 state Departments of Transportation. It also outlines a model approach for conducting disparity studies and a model scope of work for inclusion in agencies' Requests for Proposals.

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